“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball


Welcome to our Site.

This Site started in 2009 as a Blog to inform our family and friends on what we are doing (in Thailand and later in the Philippines and the Netherlands or wherever we went) and to share our observations, experiences and thoughts.

If you are interested in how this site developed over the years, then please consult the Updates page.

The Blog itself is the successor of two older Blogs which we used previously in Thailand and later in the Philippines and a special Blog that we created when we built our house in the Philippines. All these older Blog posts are now included in this Blog.

Now and then we will add some posts based on stories we wrote before this Blog was started or even before Blogs were a common method of publishing opinions, findings or whatever other publications. In these cases we will anti-date the posts to reflect the time-frame in which the post was originally written.

Gradually this Blog has been migrated to a full size Site and we are still in the process of doing so.

AdSense advertising of Google has been activated on this Site recently as to get experience with it, so that we can report our experiences and findings, which might be of interest for other Bloggers and to find out if this could be an additional source of income for pensioners like we are.

Please look around at our Site and read the different Pages you find at the top and read our (English) Blog. As you will see there are also some posts in Dutch.

If you want to comment on specific posts use the comment option at the end of the Blog posts. If you like to comment privately or have any question you can always use our Contact page at the top of this site. Our privacy policy is to treat all e-mail transactions and other interactions privately, as you can read on our Disclaimer page.

Please enjoy this site and share your opinions and comments with us.


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