“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball


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Sites about the Philippines

Medical Services in the Philippines

  • Top 10 -- Top 10 best Hospitals in the Philippines
  • Timo Traveling -- Comparing medical care cost between the Philippines and the USA
  • DyDent -- A UK/Filipino couple running a dentist clinic in Manila 

Foreigners in the Philippines

  • Journey to Samal -- A US foreigner living in Samal
  • Mindanao Bob -- A US foreigner living in Mindanao
  • Junction Boat Works, Inc. -- UK foreigner Andy Smith is a licensed franchise builder to James Wharram Design catamarans
  • My Philippine Life -- A US foreigner - Bob Hammerslag - living in Iloilo, with an interesting story about building their house and many more
  • Timo traveling -- Life and Travel in the Philippines, Advice, Insights, Warnings and Reviews
  • Silent Gardens -- A nice blog and Traveler's portal with a wealth of info from the Weather to Tax and Beaches

Dutch forums about the Philippines

Governmental sites

Importing into the Philippines

Filipino food Recipes

Dutch/European food in the Philippines




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