“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

About me


Born in Indonesia from Dutch parents just after WWII, educated in The Netherlands, University of Twente, near to the German border.


Dutch Academic degree in Computer and Electronics science (MSc, Ir.) and American degree in Logistics (CPIM from APICS USA).


  • Dutch: Native
  • English: Fluent
  • German: Understanding
  • French: Understanding


    • Science
    • Electronics
    • Machining
    • Model Trains
    • Industrial and Science history
    • Internet surfing/researching
    • Travel
    • Geography and Weather
    • Sailing
    • Aircraft's
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • DIY projects

      Working life

      For many years a consultant and project / program manager in the area of Information Technology (IT) and Logistics, traveled to all continents for work and pleasure and married to my only love.
      Retired since April 2010 and now living in the Philippines. You can follow me on my blog where I share my experiences and observations and many more with anyone interested.
      I have two nice kids, grown up already, well educated (academic) and starting careers in medical and marketing areas, and a lovely adopted little girl which I can give much more attention than I could to my own children during my working life.

      Details working life

      CountryCompany, Job, City
      1972NLDRadboud University, operator Computer Operations Department, Nijmegen
      1977NLDRadboud University, programmer Network Department, Nijmegen
      1980NLDRadboud University, manager Network Department, Nijmegen
      1985NLDPhilips Telecommunications & Information Systems (PTIS), sales consultant, The Hague
      1988CAN, CHEIATA, project manager specification air-cargo interchange switch, Geneva and Montreal
      1988NLDBCT, project manager for developing an air-cargo message interchange switch, Hoofddorp
      1989IRLAirport Dublin, air-cargo message interchange switch installation, Dublin
      1990NLDPolice department Brabant South East, consultancy mobile data communication, Eindhoven
      1992INDPhilips India, analysis logistics problems in India and proposal solution, Mumbai
      1993NLDCity of The Hague, Library, project manager IT migration, The Hague
      1993NLDCity of The Hague, Civil Administration automation, project manager IT migration, The Hague
      1994NLDPhilips Consumer Electronics, project manager improvement distributed AS400's, Eindhoven
      1995NLDVendex retailer, information flow analysis and improvement proposal, Amsterdam
      1995NLDING bank, writing a brochure, explaining the different e-Commerce channels, Amsterdam
      1995NLDIT College, part-time teacher Information Technology, Utrecht
      1996NLDWolff Vlees, consulting improving slaughterhouse automation system, Twello
      1997NLDCity of Sittard, project manager IT improvement, Sittard
      1998NLDMillennium, internal global project for preparing the company for the Y2K problem, covering ca. 25 countries, Eindhoven
      2000NLDPhilips Corporate IT, project manager installing a new corporate computer center, Eindhoven
      2000NLDPhilips Corporate IT, project manager design and implementation Consumers Database for multi-channel e-Commerce applications, Eindhoven
      2002NLDResolution Performance Products (RPP), project manager divestment IT migration, Pernis
      2002NLDAkzo Nobel Coatings, project management IT migration, Arnhem
      2003NLDKraton chemicals, project manager divestment IT migration, Pernis
      2003NLDAkzo Nobel Coatings, project management IT migration, Sassenheim
      2003NLDNuon electricity supplier, project manager IT migration, Amsterdam
      2004GBRAcquisition Schlumberger IT, project manager disentanglement networks, London
      2004HKGStandard Chartered Bank (SCB), consultant IT services migration, Hong Kong
      2005NLDOcé printers & copiers (now Canon), program manager IT migration, Venlo
      2006DEUOcé printers & copiers (now Canon), program manager IT migration for a twin data-center in Germany, Munich
      2007NLDPhilips Lighting, project management IT migration, Eindhoven
      2007NLDNXP, program manager IT migration, Eindhoven
      2008THANXP Bangkok, program manager Asia Pacific IT migration: Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangkok
      2009NLDPublisher Sanoma, project manager IT migration, Hoofddorp


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