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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Congenital toe anomalies

Today we went to a glass & aluminum shop in Dagupan, to inspect a possible solution for our kitchen cabinet doors.
An extra minimus to his right foot

While waiting for one of the managers to help us, an old guy - I guess in his seventies - came in for a small order. It struck me that he had an extra pink toe (minimus) to his right foot.

Right foot, six toes

As I was intrigued by what I saw, I tried to make some pictures without him or anyone else knowing what I was doing. So here are the results.

It means probably that he never had shoes, only his slippers. I don't think that was a problem for him.

If you check out WikiPedia on this subject here polydactyly, you will find also a list of people with this anomaly. What struck me was that of those people in the list with a one sided anomaly most of them had a right side anomaly, like the guy I saw today and the case I will present below.

The reason for my interest in this anomaly was that I recently had another case. A while ago I met the president of Rotary International - district 3790 - in Pangasinan, Philippines. He told me that they had found a solution for a kid in Pangasinan that needed surgical care, as the parents had no insurance and couldn't afford it.

So I told him that we also had such a case in our neighborhood and he offered to seek for help. The case is a little girl of almost three years old with a "congenital macrodactyly" problem to her right foot, which is a special case of "local gigantism".

Here are two pictures of the girl's foot. It seems that the two gigantic toes are still growing faster than the rest of the foot.

I guess some medical research is required as to find out what the size and position is of the area that causes the gigantic grow, and what the best time (age) and procedure is for removal of large parts of the two toes and restructuring the foot.

If Rotary International can indeed really help the girl and her parents, I will report this in another post.


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