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Friday, September 30, 2016

Restaurant - "Don Armando's", Calasiao

Opposite of Robinsons Mall Pangasinan
Rating ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹  out of

Just opposite of Robinsons Mall Pangasinan in Calasiao there is a restaurant, which was probably built the same period as they did Robinsons mall.

A while ago we decided to try this restaurant, as in the mall itself the choice of restaurants is quite limited and fast food oriented.

Parking was not a problem and it's along the provincial road, easy to find if you know the mall.

The restaurant is divided in two parts. The space where you enter the restaurant and where they have a kind of bar/counter and the bills are produced. It seemed to me a kind of bar/restaurant where people eat and talk and watch TV. A bit dark inside as in a pub and quite noisy.

Then at the right hand there is a large door opening and behind it a large room with table sets and a large TV. The furniture is everywhere the same. Heavy wooden tables and chairs with plastic seatings.

They guided us to that room and switched on the TV. We didn't ask for it whilst we were the only guests in the separate room. Later on I had to ask them to lower the volume, although we preferred to have the TV switched off.

chop Suey chicken, curry style
The menu is Filipino food, quite a lot of choices and the food was quite good as well. We had three dishes and rice. It was tasty more than enough for us.

So in terms of food and menu it was quite good, but we didn't like the place, the noisy TV, staff or non-dining guests sitting in the restaurant watching TV.
Look at the two men in the background, watching TV

So if you go for the food only, I can recommend this restaurant. If you go as well for the dining experience, you better find another place.

If you like to enjoy a pub-style experience, this is the place to go.

Opening hours are: not checked yet.

Rating details (out of 5)
  1. Service: 3
  2. Menu: 5
  3. Prices, value for money: 5
  4. Food: 5
  5. Plates and Cutlery: 3
  6. Bathroom cleanliness (outside somewhere): 3
  7. Site,  interior design: 3
  8. Parking: 5
  9. Easy to find: 5
  10. Specials: staff is sitting down and watching TV (too load as well): 1


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