“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Returning surplus unused hardware materials

Courtesy Google Maps Streetview
Do you also have the experience that when you do a DIY project with a global design/idea of the project only and a rough list of materials required as your shopping list, that in the course of the project you change your mind and decide to change the design a bit or even drastically, make an additional shopping list but keep the materials that you purchased before. Because you never know, you might need them later on.

After having done a couple of this kind of projects and making several changes in the course of the projects, you end up with quite some materials that you never used.

I am such a type of DIY guy. And sometimes I have indeed a lot of materials that I will not use anymore, or at the least the next months or years. Not a big investment usually, but anyway you don't need them and the materials take up space in your storage room, cabinet, shelves or wherever you put the materials.

So I decided a month ago to try to resell the materials to a hardware store. I choose the one where I wanted to buy some new materials for a new project, of which I knew that not so many shops have these on stock or can deliver them at all. It's GPDX, Burgos street, Dagupan. They have quite a comprehensive assortment.

One day I asked for the manager and explained to him what my intention was. No money back, but in stead I would purchase other stuff for the budget from the returned materials. He suggested to make a picture of the materials and to come back the next day. I guess that he was willing to consider my proposal because I am an Americano.
And he trusted me was my sense, not someone who was trying to cheat him.

So I did, displayed the materials on the floor, took some pictures and returned to the shop. After inspecting the photo's he told me he was willing to make an offer and I could bring the materials.

So I did and one of the clerks was ordered to make an inventory and determine for each item the trade in price.

The next day I returned and got the list with the total trade in price he was willing to give me. It was more or less 2.000 pesos and I choose the items I needed for my next project. I only had to pay a few pesos to balance the trade in and new purchase.

Manager (l) and clerk (r) working on my surplus materials
So a good deal for both of us. And since they know me now very well, next time I will be treated as a VIP and shake hands again with the manager when he is around.


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