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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Restaurant - "Sigay Fiestahan", Binmaley

Rating ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹ ❺ out of

Yesterday morning we had a meeting in Lingayen, the provincial capitol, less than an hour from our place.

We passed by a restaurant in Binmaley of which my asawa had seen recently many times, on Facebook, feedback from guests, who were mostly positive.

And thus she was curious to try it out as well.
Later on I found out why she wanted to do this now, it was because of her upcoming birthday soon and it would be an option to invite her friends in this restaurant.

Location along the road from Dagupan to Binmaley at the crossing to San Carlos and Labrador
I suggested that after our meeting, we would drop by and have a look. So we did and decided - unanimously - to try it out. It was a quarter to noon and not yet full with guests, but after 30 minutes lots of people entered the restaurant.

Although the environment, between the fish farms and close to the sea, suggests that it would be a fish restaurant, that proved not to be true.

Their full name is: Sigay, Fiestahan, Buffet of the North. Sigay means "harvest" in Pangasinan, so the message is that it's a restaurant where it's a feast to enjoy the flavors of the Pangasinan farmers' and fishermen products from the north of the Philippines.

It's an "all you can eat" restaurant, with quite a varied and large number of dishes. Most is typical Filipino food, including fresh pork and chicken barbecued crunchy meat, but also a bit Italian and Japanese style, desert and pastries and fruit platters.  

Usually this type of restaurants have limited choices and the popular food is sold out quickly, but not here. There is plenty of all dishes and replenished in time. Only the less popular food may be cold already.  And they provide new clean plates and cutlery if needed, while removing the used plates from your table. 

They have several kind of drinks, glasses or pitchers, for an additional fee. Young children, I guess less than 6 years old, are eating for free. The fee for all others is less than 300 pesos.

So we were quite happy with the food and the services and will return soon, perhaps to celebrate my asawa's birthday in September.

Their opening times are everyday, including weekend: 11am - 2pm and 6pm - 9pm.

Rating (out of 5)
  1. Service:5
  2. Menu: 5
  3. Prices, value for money: 5
  4. Food: 5
  5. Plates and Cutlery: 4
  6. Bathroom cleanliness: 4
  7. Site: 5
  8. Parking: 5
  9. Easy to find: 5
  10. Specials (aircon dining room): outside terrace with nice view 5


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