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― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Philippines Cinema Sound Volume

This is the way I watch the movie
Since we have Robinsons Mall Pangasinan in Calasiao for a couple of years we are regular visitors of one of the four cinema's they run there. The latest movies are shown, including children movies / animations.

The cinema's are well designed, have a big and bright screen, with usually free seating and most movies are operated with english spoken sound. The entrance prices are low compared to my experience in Europe. About 150 - 190 pesos, so 3-4 euro.

It seems that the movie operators believe that they are operating a karaoke machine (locally called a videoke). As is the case with karaoke in the Philippines, where the sound volume control has only one position being "full throttle", the same goes for the cinema. The sound is so loud that if you have no ear protectors, you will be deaf after a few visits to the cinema.

I am not sure whether this is only the problem in Calasiao, or in all cinema's in the Philippines. I have been now five times to this cinema, but every time it was the same problem. So the last time I was there, actually yesterday, I used some tissue paper to protect my ears.

Image result for mtrcbIn the Philippines we have the "Movie and Television Review and Classification Board" or MTRCB, which is determining age ratings for movies and videos - but not for games or litterature - as to protect youngsters for content that could harm them (mentally), by helping parents and other educators to decide on what they are allowed to consume.

My recommendation would be that there should also be a guideline from the MTRCB on what soundlevels are acceptable in cinema's and how to measure and enforce a level that will not damage the hearing senses of our youngsters. At least when I go again with my child or other children, I will bring earplugs for them.


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