“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dagupan Village Hotel

Executive suite, similar to matrimonial suite
For Saturday, June 4th, we made an appointment to enjoy our free stay for 2 persons, including breakfast, as part of the reception party package we had in May last for 100+ servings.

Although I was not in favor to make use of this free stay, I finally agreed. and to be honest I regretted it and made suggestions to cancel and go home.

But, to avoid war and keep the peace, I didn't do it. I found out that we had got the matrimonial suite in the old part of the hotel, which had a promo price of 2240 from 3300+ pesos. It is quite a big room but outdated, compared to today's standards.

The list of things that made me sad and angry will follow.

Mother and daughter enjoy their stay
You should know that during my working life, I stayed in many hotels worldwide, and hence expect a certain minimum of services and facilities in a hotel that promotes itself as one of the top hotels in Dagupan.

As you can see in the picture my wife and daughter are enjoying their stay. They have not my expectation level, so for them it's easy to enjoy.

Trying to enjoy my own wine
On the contrary I am trying to enjoy my own wine in coke glasses and with plastic flowers.

The wine I bought in the nearby supermarket, as there was no mini bar. Even a fridge was missing.

And no complimentary water, glasses, coffe or tea.

Later I found out that in the other building they have more modern looking rooms, but I didn't see them in detail to judge them as better or the same.

Further some of the wall lights were broken, and they have no "international" outlets for charging your phone with a foreign adapter.

The bed was broken somehow, the shower was not working. I even didn't try the hot-water. There are two old thru the wall air-cons, that have been lifted a bit to make sure the condensed water is dripping to the outside part of the wall. The noise level must be above what is allowed by most country's regulations.

The telephone was not working, at least we were not able to call the front desk or kitchen. May be because there was no telephone list and I tried a wrong number. The wifi was not working, or the signal level was not sufficient.

Also a services list was missing, or is not available at all.

To summarize, I was not impressed or to be more precise, I was very disappointed about the room, the services and facilities.
Even when they discovered that there was no key for the room, they didn't want to change room, but promised to deliver a key later, which never came. So finally they give us a spare key.

We will not go back there and will not promote the hotel to our relatives and friends.


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