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― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Geographic Comparison of the Philippines and the Netherlands

Courtesy: ifitweremyhome.com
Many people in the Netherlands have no idea about the geographical shape and size of the Philippines. The same goes for Filipino's about the Netherlands and Europe.

Especially when I get visitors from abroad here in the Philippines they want to go around and visit as many places as possible. I always say: impossible, or you should spend a couple of months here. They don't realize how big this country is and how small the Netherlands compared to the Philippines. Indeed you can do the Netherlands in a week or so, but the Philippines forget it.

Just recently I found a website that helps you to make comparisons between countries, not only geographically, but also in terms of income, life expectancy, chance of being murdered, etc. I am not really interested in that kind of comparisons, but I am in geographic's.

The following site gives you all the details:

See the two maps below to get an idea of the difference in size of the two countries.

Philippines mapped on Europe

Netherlands mapped on Philippines ( Luzon Island)


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