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― Lucille Ball

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Restaurant - "halo halo de iloko", San Fernando LU

Rating: ❶ ❷ ❸ out of

 January 1st, 2016, we went to San Fernando City (La Union), to check-out a very special restaurant, that my asawa (spouse) discovered on Facebook.

It was advertised by people who visited the restaurant, as being very special and having an Ilocano style kitchen.

It was said as well that it is open every day of the year.

Closed door
So it took us a two hours plus drive to go there and luckily I have a navigator, otherwise we had never found it. We even passed the restaurant, without seeing it, no signs at all. It is situated near to the provincial house in a hilly area in San Fernando, not far from the city center.

The address is:
12 Zandueta St., San Fernando City, La UnionLuzon 2500Philippines

Unfortunately, when we found it around lunch time, the restaurant was closed. So we were quite disappointed and had to find another restaurant. My favorite in San Fernando is Hap Chan (Chinese, this one I will do in a another post) and was not far from halo halo.

As we had to go for business to San Fernando on January 11, we decided to try again. This time we were lucky, as we now knew where it was and the door was open. It seemed we were the first guests. They have a dining room with perhaps 20-25 tables, something upstairs and a kind of waiting room with two tables.

We were invited to have our lunch in the waiting room, just next to the entrance door. Not a very pleasant place to sit and enjoy your food, as when new guests arrive and they enter, they never closed the doors, also the staff didn't do that, so I had to do it myself several times.

The CR has a nice display for the faucet and sink, on both sides are the toilets. The male toilet has only a urinoir.

The menu was a bit messy and not all items clear to me.

Finally we ordered sour soup, care-care and halo-halo in a coconut shell. The beef chunks in the soup and care-care were not easy to eat and you don't get a knife.

The taste was different from what we are used to, but that may be caused by the fact that it's an Ilocano style kitchen. Also the halo-halo was not very special.

Last but not least it was quite expensive, compared to other restaurants with the same type of kitchen (Filipino food).

Our overall appreciation was not in line with the comments of other guests in Facebook. We will probably not go again to this restaurant, at least not spending two times 2.5 hours back and forth.


  1. Service: 3 (young boys, not professional)
  2. Menu: 3
  3. Pricing, value for money:3
  4. Food: 3
  5. Plates and Cutlery: 4
  6. Bathroom cleanliness: 4 (okay, but no male's toilet)
  7. Site: 4
  8. Parking: 1
  9. Easy to find: 2 (no signs)
  10. Specials (items to buy, quite expensive): 3


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