“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Friday, November 27, 2015

Solid Waste Management ??

Courtesy Greenpeace

Since I am living in the Philippines, I am wondering how they manage their waste in this country.

Everywhere you see waste if you keep your eyes open when going around. I am sure many locals don't see the waste anymore, but as a foreigner I do, however it's getting less. It seems you get used to it.

On the beach a lot of waste, especially plastic, but the beach is usually cleaned by the owners of the sheds, because if there is a lot of waste on the beach, the price of their sheds will go down.

In the sea at some places also a lot of plastic, not only coming from the beaches, but also from the rivers (see below) and ships. Along the roads, especially in the barangay's and on the riverbeds there are many places where people dumps their waste bags.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Restaurant - "Ciudad Elmina", Dagupan

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The outfit looks okay
End of April this year we visited the new restaurant Ciudad Elmina, in Dagupan, district Mayombo.

We went there because my asawa had got many message via her social media, that it is a special restarant. One that you can not find anywhere else in Dagupan.

There was even a story that they have crocodiles. So as to test this restaurant for a birthday party soon to come, we went there.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Windows 10 for free or go back to Windows 7?

Image result for windows 7 8 10 logo

A couple of weeks ago I got an invitation from Microsoft, each time after restarting my computer, to upgrade my desktop computer to Windows 10 for free.

My laptop with also Windows 7, was not invited, so I guess the hardware is not compatible with Windows 10 requirements.

This week I decided to give Windows 10 a try.

The upgrade didn't go perfect. After an hour or so I got the message:
"It's taking a bit longer than usual, but it should be ready soon". Don't turn off your PC.
Meanwhile the hard-drives kept on spinning, but no idea what was going on.  Then finally the screen went black and no sign of life, even when mouse or keyboard were activated.

After three hours I decided to stop and switched the computer off and on again. After a couple of minutes starting up, I got a nice screen photo with a view from inside a cave to the beach. So that was at least something. Next was the login with the windows 7 ID and password. It worked fine.

Then before I could do anything I got the following message:
"Just a few more tweaks". Don't turn off your PC. 
Again after ca. 10 minutes the following message was displayed:
"It's taking a bit longer than usual, but it should be ready soon". Don't turn off your PC.
Again ca. 10 minutes later, I got finally the Windows 10 screen and could start going around and have my first Windows 10 experiences.


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