“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year (2016)

I wish all readers of my blog a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.

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Looking back to 2015 the following came into my mind.

Climate Change

The conference on Climate Change, held in December last in Paris, was a success, compared to the previous one in Copenhagen.

For the second year in a row the number of typhoons that hit the Philippines, and especially our region (Pangasinan) in 2015, was far less than the long-term average. It seems it has to do with El Nino. But still we have no snow in the Philippines.
I have reported this year on five typhoons, of which two had some impact on our area. Especially the 1524 Koppu/Lando typhoon.

Even in the Netherlands they had the warmest December ever measured since more than a century.

Refugees and Conflicts

It seems that in 2015 the number of refugees from war/conflict areas is even higher than a year earlier. For 2015 the number of refugees that entered Europe was estimated to be 1 million.

Economical, political and religious tensions are still the main causes, mainly in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine. ISIS is the biggest threat for the region where they operate, but as well from the supporters they have in many countries and fighters who returned to their country, if allowed.

In a recent news item it was  reported that a well known Malaysian ISIS fighter was killed in the Philippines, so it seems ISIS is also spreading in south-east Asia.


Ebola was a hot item in 2014, but the war against Ebola seems to be tamed.

Presidential elections

Both the Philippines and the USA will elect a new president in 2016. Obama and Aquino are not electable anymore. Interesting debates and news stories have been broadcasted via all kind of news agencies the last 6 months and this will intensify in 2016.

Good Intentions

I am afraid that I belong to the group of people as indicated in the cartoon above.

Blog Posts

The total number of posts on my blog for this year is 40, three less than last year and I did not meet the expectations I had a year ago.

Nevertheless, let's try to put the bar at 40 again for next year, and again ...

Happy New Year!!


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