“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Globe, a marketing or selling company?

September 10 last, I contacted Globe HQ to change my broadband Internet plan.

See my previous post regarding my old plan that I acquired in June.

Before doing so, I went to the Globe office in Robinsons mall Calasiao, but they couldn't help me there.

The service lady said they are not authorized changing/upgrading contracts and gave me two options:

  1. go to Globe in Robinsons place (Nepo) in Dagupan, there they have facilities where you can contact a helpdesk where they will process your requests; or
  2. go to the Globe website to enter your details for changing your contract, this is the site's URL.
As my experience with a voice helpdesk in the Philippines is not very positive, because they talk too fast and they don't understand my British/Dutch English accent, I choose for option 2.

So I entered all the data they were asking for, including that my current plan was 799 and I wanted to upgrade to 1099. At the end of the session they asked me to allow for a processing time of  5-7 days, which was okay for me. All was confirmed with the following email:

Hello XXX,

This confirms receipt of your Tattoo Home Broadband Plan Upgrade request. We will process this in 5-7 days.


Your Order #GT...879 (placed on September 10, 2015 6:49:11 PM SGT)

Billing Information:
Name: xxx
Birthday: xxx
Mobile Number: xxx
Account Number: xxx
Globe Landline Number:
Email Address: xxx
Promo Code: 

Tattoo Plan 1099 (LTE Only) - 2 Mbps - with Spotify
  • Total Plan Cost: Php 1,099.00
Thank you, Tattoo Home Broadband

After two weeks I sent them the following email:

{Tattoo Online Sales} gttattooonlinesales@globetel.com.ph
It is now 15 days ago that I ordered a new Tattoo plan. I was informed that processing would take 5-7 days, but have not received anything yet. Please update me what is going wrong.
Regards, xxx

Meanwhile it's December 1st, so about ten weeks after my initial request for upgrading and still no feedback. I also checked my monthly payment bills, as to see if they increased the amount and my internet-speed, which is still the same as before.

To be honest, I don't want to change anymore, I can live with the speed we have and I am sick of them. They are very good in marketing air(bags). but when it comes to selling they are not available. So I am wondering how they get their profits and whether top-management is aware of what is happening on their shop-floor.


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