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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Restaurant - "Ciudad Elmina", Dagupan

Rating ❶ ❷ ❸ out of

The outfit looks okay
End of April this year we visited the new restaurant Ciudad Elmina, in Dagupan, district Mayombo.

We went there because my asawa had got many message via her social media, that it is a special restarant. One that you can not find anywhere else in Dagupan.

There was even a story that they have crocodiles. So as to test this restaurant for a birthday party soon to come, we went there.

It was a bit difficult to find, but in the end we found a small sign at the Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memoral Hospital, directing us into the Mayombo road. See the map attached below.

Courtesy Google Maps

The day we went it was not very crowded, but I guess if you go during the weekend it might be very crowded considering the many places they have along the water and the central place of the restaurant. As is the case in many good restaurants of course.

So we took a" bahay kubo" not far from the central place and entrance. It took quite some time before we were being serviced. Given the fact that it was not very crowded, I was surprised that it took that long.
After we finally were able to order our food, we decided to go to another bahay kubo, as it was very smelly in the place we had chosen. The reason I guess was that we were in a corner of the pond, along which the bahay kubo's were situated and no way that the smell coming from the dead water could be dissolved easily in that place.

Indeed in the new place we had chosen, it was not smelly anymore. The food that we ordered was just regular Filipino food, as this was the main part of the menu and made it easier to compare it with other restaurants with a similar menu. However the choices they had were not as many as in some other restaurants we frequently visit.

The food was reasonable, but not excellent. It seemed to be reheated and not freshly cooked.

When we left, we saw the crocodile, horrible to see. not enough space for the animal, no deep water to swim in. I am sure that in Europe this would not have been tolerated by the authorities and the public.


  1. Service: 3
  2. Menu: 3
  3. Pricing, value for money: 3
  4. Food: 3
  5. Plates and Cutlery: 4
  6. Bathroom cleanliness: didn't check it
  7. Site: 5
  8. Parking: 5
  9. Easy to find: 3
  10. Specials (crocodile); 1

Adding up all our impressions and experiences, I would give it an average rating of 3 out of 5 for this restaurant.
We didn't go there for our birthday party and didn't return until now.


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