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Saturday, October 17, 2015

TS 1524 Int: KOPPU - Ph: LANDO

Courtesy: PAGASA/DOST, Philippines

Severe Tropical Storm 1524, called KOPPU internationally or LANDO in the Philippines, has reached the northern part of Luzon island.

The center of the typhoon is now about ca. 100 km from Aurora and will head north towards Taiwan.
We prepared our surroundings, by removing all potential flying objects and emptied the trash drums.

Luckily I finished yesterday the mowing of the garden grass, so even when we will get some flooding the grass will not be too high after the flood.

We have got two new gas canisters and my wife went to the market today in stead of Sunday as she usually does.

Also the rice is harvested of most of the farming fields in our area.

Status: 4.30 PM, Saturday October 17, 2015


  • Windy but dry weather
  • Temperature: 28.0 C
  • R. Humidity: 86 %
  • Rain since 0.0 AM:  0.6 mm
  • Wind: 14.8 km/h -- Gust: 19.4 km/h
  • Pressure: 1000.8 hpa
  • Light: 451 W/m2
  • UV: 0

Status: 9.00 PM, Sunday October 18, 2015

KOPPU/LANDO is now a super typhoon.

We have warning signal #2 in Pangasinan. Very strong wind and gusts. 
Many trees in the garden are tilted or broken. Now and then rain. 

The eye of the typhoon is ca. 100 km east of us in the province Aurora.


  • Very windy and rainy weather
  • Temperature: 26.1 C
  • R. Humidity: 93 %
  • Rain since 0.0 AM:  126 mm
  • Wind: 40 km/h -- Gust: 70 km/h (maximum @ 6.00 AM)
  • Pressure: 996 hpa
  • Light: 2.032 W/m2
  • UV: 0

Status: 8.00 PM, Sunday October 18, 2015

Earlier today the warning signal was raised to #3 in Pangasinan. It seems the wind force is now reduced and also the rain has stopped.

The center of the typhoon is ca. 60 km north-east of us in the vicinity of Bambang, province Nueva Vizcaya.

I made a tour around our garden late afternoon. A lot of trees are broken. Tomorrow I will make pictures and publish them in this post.


  • Windy and mostly dry weather
  • Temperature: 26.0 C
  • R. Humidity: 94 %
  • Rain since 0.0 AM:  162 mm
  • Wind: 40 km/h -- Gust: 70 km/h (maximum @ different times)
  • Pressure: 996 hpa
  • Light: 0 W/m2
  • UV: 0


Status: 6.00 PM, Monday October 19, 2015

We had a brownout (electric disconnect) from 3 AM until 5 PM today, so I couldn't make an update in this post earlier today. The warning signal got down from #3 yesterday evening to #1 this early evening.

It was still quite stormy today with a lot of rain. A dip in wind force yesterday evening until this early morning 2 AM did make us believe that it was over, but then it started again. See the wind/gust speed diagram below.

My private weather station.

I guess this was caused by the change of track of the typhoon, compared to the predicted track heading north. 
See the track tracing diagram from the HK weather station below. The center moved more west than predicted and then again eastwards, before heading straight north.

Courtesy: HK Observatory

Rainfall was not as bad as expected, probably because a lot of moist was lost already when passing the mountains between Aurora and our place in Pangasinan. See  the diagram below. We got 28 cm of rain anyway in less than 36 hours.

My private weather station.

Status: 9.00 PM, Tuesday October 20, 2015

Last night we got a txt/sms message that the government had decided to open the San Roque dam as to reduce the high water level in the San Roque lake because of the heavy raining in the supplying area.

They mentioned the cities affected, but not Santa Barbara. However based on the experience we had so far, we knew it would also affect our municipality. Indeed we are flooded again.

At 9.00 PM today it seems that the flooding level is stabilizing, so we can sleep without worries.

Pictures before the flooding

Below I attached some pictures of the damage of this typhoon in our garden. Surprisingly it most damage was in the south part of the garden, while the wind was mainly north to west.

Barangay road in front of of our compound

The dirt comes from bamboo of our front neighbors

I guess we can save this small tree again.

The doghouse feet sink away in the mud, the small tree can be saved.

Our manga tree fell down, we will try to re-erect and save it

Most of the papaya trees fell down, we have to plant new ones.

This nice cactus like tree I will try to save and re-erect. I was very proud on it.

The roof of the bahay kubo is broken by the branches of the umbrella tree on the right of the picture.

Pictures after the flooding

The bakery delivery boys, passing our entrance, are not afraid of the flood

Our compound is also flooded.

Outside the compound all is flooded

Even the swimming pool is flooded.


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