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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Damage in Dagupan from typhoon Koppu [Lando]

Courtesy Google maps
Early this week we went to our favorite restaurant Mang Peping for a farewell lunch for my parents in law, as they went back yesterday to the USA.

The restaurant is located along the "Judge Jose de Venecia Extension" in Tapuac district in Dagupan. It was amazing to see what the typhoon Koppu [Lando] has done with the electricity poles along the road. They were smashed like safety matches. See the map below.

Amazingly the electricity was still there, as the restaurant was functioning normal and they are connected to this grid. This must be a significant loss for Decorp, the owner of the distribution grid in Dagupan.

Look at the pictures below. At the other part of the road in the direction of Arellano street they were also broken, but I didn't check how many.

From a damage report in "balita", dated October 28, I copied the following statement:

The city was in darkness for only less than 24 hours, but it took Decorp days to energize Calmay, Carael, Salapingao, Pugaro and Lomboy after "Lando" knocked down nearly 30 concrete poles of the Dagupan Electric Corporation (Decorp) along the De Venecia Highway hosting the electric company's major power lines.

Location next to restaurant, view direction CSI, as far as you can see no more poles 

3-phase wires still connected to the pole

1-phase wires cut off at the insulators

Location next to restaurant, view direction Arellano street, 4 poles still standing, the next ones broken down

Same, but zoomed in, you can see the wires going down to ground level, 
on the right are "Mang Peping" and "Sidney's Grill" restaurants


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