“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Saturday, October 31, 2015

HEIM museum for industrial history

Entrance of the former "Wilhelmina School".
A couple of months ago I visited the Netherlands, to see my family again after more than a year.

I stayed in Hengelo, near to the German border, with my mother in the industrial city of Hengelo.

I always wanted to visit the HEIM museum, as I am interested in industrial history. See also the series of posts (in Dutch) called "Series Ontmoetingen".

HEIM, aka Hengelo's Educational and Industrial Museum, is an interesting museum for children and adults.

It not only shows the industrial history of Hengelo's native industries, but it also has many original industrial artifacts and has laboratories where you and/or your children can do all kind of technical projects with the help of technical volunteers, usually retired persons from the same industries.

For more information go to their website www.techniekmuseumheim.nl.

Unfortunately they have no English version of the site, but they do have English comments for most of the items on display.

Should you ever visit the Netherlands or are living there and interested in industrial history, it's a must to go there.

Below I have displayed a collection of photo's from my visit in July 2015, divided into 10 categories.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Damage in Dagupan from typhoon Koppu [Lando]

Courtesy Google maps
Early this week we went to our favorite restaurant Mang Peping for a farewell lunch for my parents in law, as they went back yesterday to the USA.

The restaurant is located along the "Judge Jose de Venecia Extension" in Tapuac district in Dagupan. It was amazing to see what the typhoon Koppu [Lando] has done with the electricity poles along the road. They were smashed like safety matches. See the map below.

Amazingly the electricity was still there, as the restaurant was functioning normal and they are connected to this grid. This must be a significant loss for Decorp, the owner of the distribution grid in Dagupan.

Look at the pictures below. At the other part of the road in the direction of Arellano street they were also broken, but I didn't check how many.

From a damage report in "balita", dated October 28, I copied the following statement:

The city was in darkness for only less than 24 hours, but it took Decorp days to energize Calmay, Carael, Salapingao, Pugaro and Lomboy after "Lando" knocked down nearly 30 concrete poles of the Dagupan Electric Corporation (Decorp) along the De Venecia Highway hosting the electric company's major power lines.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

TS 1524 Int: KOPPU - Ph: LANDO

Courtesy: PAGASA/DOST, Philippines

Severe Tropical Storm 1524, called KOPPU internationally or LANDO in the Philippines, has reached the northern part of Luzon island.

The center of the typhoon is now about ca. 100 km from Aurora and will head north towards Taiwan.
We prepared our surroundings, by removing all potential flying objects and emptied the trash drums.

Luckily I finished yesterday the mowing of the garden grass, so even when we will get some flooding the grass will not be too high after the flood.

We have got two new gas canisters and my wife went to the market today in stead of Sunday as she usually does.

Also the rice is harvested of most of the farming fields in our area.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Balikbayan boxes received in good condition

Pickup from my home in the Netherlands
Yesterday the Balikbayan boxes, which I sent previously from the Netherlands, were delivered in good condition. They are also called "OFW boxes".

Prior I used Phil4You, but this year I sent them by "LVM Cargo". And I have a good experience with them as well. What I like from them is that they have a choice of box sizes. The box I used was the large box, which is 196 liter and very strong, bigger than the standard boxes from Phil4You.

Delivery at my home in the Philippines
Another advantage is that there is no weight limit, as I had to transport several heavy machining items, the biggest one weighs 22 kilograms.

I also liked the track and trace option as to follow the container, so I was aware when delivery in Manila port was done. A few days later the boxes were delivered at home. Not opened or damaged.

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