“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our wedding anniversary in Bali Hai

This year I rented a small cottage house in a beach resort to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary early February. It was Bali Hai beach resort in San Fernando, La Union.

My plan was to go to Thunderbird resort, also in San Fernando, but it was fully booked that weekend, Anyway we went there to look around and took some photo's and I will show them to you in another post.

To be honest, it was not really a success in terms of price /performance. I guess in the early days it was a nice resort, but now after many years and lack of maintenance, it was in a declined state. Especially the cottages, made of bamboo, I almost sagged through the floor of the balcony.

We went with my sister in law and our daughters, so five in all. The cottage had 4 sleeping places, 2 in the bedroom and 2 in the living room, but we managed to sleep well. The one bedroom had an air-con, which worked well and the bathroom had hot water, also working well.
Broken balcony

Broken trees
In the garden there were many coconut trees broken, but the remainder of the trees were not removed, it looks ugly.

Pool for kids and adults
The swimming pool was okay, but falling leaves of the trees required a regular cleaning of the water level, the skimmers didn't really clean it,
Living rook with fold-able sofa's

Small beach
The beach was not really nice, gray sand and very narrow. Dangerous for small children.

Happy couple

The restaurant was okay. The menu showed 175 items to order, quite a lot. We only tried the breakfast, which was okay. I took a German breakfast with cheese, eggs and German cold cut sausages. It was a bit expensive, but they have many foreign items on the menu.

Breakfast in Bali Hai
That is probably the reason that there were many Americano's sitting in the bar. I guess they are living in this area and they come together in the bar and restaurant for social talk. It was also the first time I enjoyed a draft San Miguel beer.
Lunch in Hap Chan
We had our lunches and dinner in San Fernando and did some sightseeing there. It is really a nice city to go around and we love the (Chinese) food of Hap Chan restaurant.

If you have seen the photo's you will agree that it looks much better than what I was writing, don't you?.


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