“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Monday, February 16, 2015


Image result for bloggingThe first two weeks of February, 2015, were used to restructure the navigation options of this site and to review the post labels that were used.

And we looked at the site search option, which was very promising, so we added this as well.

We felt that the labels used were not always very well chosen, sometimes ambiguous and a bit messy. So it had to be cleaned up.

Another aspect we looked at was the different views readers of our blog might have. So we added additional info to the post labels (basically an identifier as the first character(s), as to create the possibility to easily make different post views.

We now have the following views and navigation options:

  1. A "SEARCH THIS SITE"  field at the top of the right column of the site. This allows you to search all the contents of this site. Please be aware that capture text of images are not searched, the search is not case sensitive and Labels of posts and text of Tabs on the top of the site are not included in the search as well.
  2. The "BLOG ARCHIVE" overview in the right column gives you a timeline, which you can use if you know more or less in which year/month a post was made.
  3. The "CATEGORIES" cloud in the right column gives you the main categories we attached to all posts, as to differentiate the posts in what we believe are useful categories.
  4. The "PAPERWORK" table in the right column gives you entries to posts that either discuss the paperwork documents or organisation names that provide these documents. You check the tab "LINKS" if you want to find a URL/link to these organisations.
  5. The "CONSTRUCTION" table in the right column gives you access to posts that discuss our construction projects, like house building, swimming pool etc..
  6. The "COMPANIES" table in the right column gives you access to the posts where we discussed these companies.
  7. The "GEOGRAPHY" cloud in the right column gives you access to the posts where the countries/cities are mentioned or discussed.
  8. Of course you can use a combination of these different options sequentially to narrow down your search.

As this restructuring has been finalized today we added this milestone to the Home page, to memorize this fact and give it an official stamp. However we still have to add some examples, so it is still under construction (UC).


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