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Monday, June 30, 2014

Episode 4: Snow and Cold

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Pyrenees covered with snow,
picture is not from the original book

Snow and Cold

Levie and Izak have disguised themselves with a french beret and whiskers. They hope to be seen as Frenchmen, but traveling is still dangerous, especially because their identity card includes a capital "J" showing that they are Jews.

Although they are in unoccupied France, it doesn't mean that there are no dangers. The free French zone is governed by the French-Vichy government under general Petain and prime minister Laval. The latter is well known for his pro-German attitude and the many anti-Jew measures implemented.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Episode 3: "Du bist mein guter Freund!"

This map was not included in the original book,
but may help international readers to understand
the route they traveled.

"Du bist mein guter Freund!"

In Bordeaux, south France, Levie is seeking for optician Dubois, the overnight address provided by Jules Haeck. He is finally able to find the address, using his limited French language capability.
A big disappointment and throw-back hits him. Mr. Dubois is not living there anymore, he is deceased.
The suspicious dweller sends Dubois to the bus station, where the other three are as well.

By "wood-gas" bus - with a trailer with wood fuel - the reunited four are heading to the heavily guarded line of demarcation between occupied and free France. The other passengers are particularly German soldiers. They have brought cases with liquor and some French girls are joining them. They endured two difficult and unpleasant hours in the bus, especially when one of the drunk soldiers suddenly hits Levie's shoulder and shouts: "Du bist mein guter Freund" or translated: "You are my best friend". "I almost had a cardiac arrest", Levie writes later.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Episode 2: French Pilots

Jules Haeck

French Pilots

In the first week of November, 1941 two French pilots are being delivered by a farmer from Denekamp (hamlet) to the house of Jules Haeck at the Berfloweg (street) in Hengelo. Robert David and Renee le Blas are escaped from a prison (POW) camp in the north of Germany. It took them 7 days to come this far, keeping themselves alive with a couple of rations they collected before and to eat from hog troughs along the route they followed. Their faces and legs were scratched everywhere from the barbed wire they didn't see in the dark.

Levie Cohen is visiting Jules Haeck when the pilots arrive and then he realizes that his cherished dream to flee to Great Britain finally is within reach. There are regularly raids to catch Jewish men and boys. Every-time so far Levie just escaped due to warnings of "good" policemen. The situation in The Netherlands is getting too dicey, Levie and his brother Izak want to flee now.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Episode 1: The Family

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Izak as a young employee in the green- and fruit-grocery

The Family

Levie and Izak Cohen fled to Great Britain to outrun the Jew-baiting in the Netherlands. Near to the Spanish border their journeys parted and so does their relationship the rest of their lives.

They are the sons of Simon Cohen a greengrocer in Hengelo. The family's nick name was "Cohen van 't breutje" (Cohen from the bread), as he and before his father went around the farmhouses in the area to sell their products. It was tradition that the farmers gave them a small food gift, meat or fat, but as a Jew they resigned kindly for the pork meat. In stead they got a small bread or "breutje".

The family Cohen consists of father Simon, his wife Helena from Germany and the children Levie, Regina and Izak. Helena passes away in 1937 as a result of cancer. Father Simon is managing a green- and fruit-grocer located at the Driener street, where his sons are helping him to manage the business.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Restaurant - "Mang Peping", Dagupan

Rating ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹ ❺ out of

We have visited already 5 or more times this restaurant. It is next to Sidney's Grill, along the Extended Venecia road in Dagupan city.

It's a typical Filipino food restaurant, with quite a large menu, staff is correct and friendly, the food is good and served hot in porcelain bowls with a cover (to protect the food for flies).

Also the plates are from porcelain, as in all Filipino restaurants they give you only a fork and spoon, but no knife. The bahay kubo and the toilets are clean. We have the same bahay kubo at home. The whole place is clean, private parking, nice view from the bahay kubo over the fish pond.

It's not expensive and there is a fan in the kubo. The place is developed by someone with architectural experience, nice plants, flowers and trees and many places with shadow.

Bahay Kubo again

Two months ago we ordered our second bahay kubo in San Carlos, the bamboo city.

We positioned this kubo close to the house, we use it to chat with guests and to eat our food, or children to play in.

Perhaps we will start a mini resort some time, in which case we can rent the bahay kubo to families who want to enjoy an outing with food and swimming. It's the same type (9 seater) as is used in restaurant Mang Peping in Dagupan city.

Below some pictures of the delivery. They are coming from San Carlos, one day later than promised, as they had to paint it first.
A few weeks later they would come back to renew the roof of our old bahay kubo.

As you can see the back filling soil is still bare, but now 2 month later it is green as in the last picture.

Monday, June 9, 2014

AC Drive for my bench drill press

The drill machine as is.
When we emigrated to the Philippines we also moved our household goods and personal effects. One such item was the bench drill press of my late father.

I didn't realize that the electric motor was a 3-phase motor, and I was sure that it would be difficult/expensive to get 3-phase connection to our property in the Philippines. The solution I had in mind was to use our generator - also included in our household - as this one has three phase output.

However, when I tried this out some years ago, it turned out that the generator had not enough power to drive the motor when a large drill was used. So I was planning to replace the motor by a single phase equivalent AC motor, if available.

A couple of weeks ago I did some research on the Internet for a 3-phase solution before buying another motor and found two different solutions on Youtube.

The first one was to feed one coil of a delta configured 3-phase motor with the mains and adding a large capacitor from one of the two connections to the remaining point of the delta, see the sketch.

I tried it out and it worked. You need a capacitor of 8uF per HP of motor power. I didn't try it with heavy load, but it seems to work, although there is some power loss.

The parted journeys of two Jewish brothers in WWII

Brothers Cohen

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Introduction and Background

In an earlier post on Jules Haeck, I told you that once I would tell you the story of the father and uncle of my school friend Gina Cohen.

The reason is that the story was published (May 5, 2010) in Dutch only, titled: "Naar Engeland" or translated: "Towards Great Britain", ISBN: 978-90-73850-18-7.

A book with eight stories about men from Hengelo (Netherlands, near to the German border), who fled for the Germans in World War II (WWII) and eventually reached Great Britain.

I discovered this book in 2013, when I visited my mother in Hengelo, and she told me that her neighbor knows also the family Cohen and got the book in 2010.


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