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― Lucille Ball

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baker in San Carlos

One of the things I am always struggling with since I live here in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan, is bread.

Pinoy bread is sweet and since some time "Pan de Manila" has "sugar free" (white) bread, but it's only edible if you toast it first.

I also have a bread-maker, see this post, but since I used "whole wheat" it is not rising anymore.

If I go to Manila, I usually also visit Mall of Asia (MoA), where they have a French Baker. They make nice French alike bread and Pinoy bread. If you ask one of the shop assistants which bread is sugar free, they don't know. So you have to judge it yourself from the size, shape, smell and color. Usually I am right, I never purchased sweet bread in that shop.

The closest French Baker from our place, according to their website, is in San Fernando, Pampanga. Never been there yet. Even in SM Baguio I couldn't find a non-Pinoy bakery.

Via a doctor I met in San Carlos, Pangasinan, regional hospital, I discovered a small bakery in San Carlos. The owner is from Belgium, and I visited him a few weeks ago to see what he is doing. He is making nice and delicious whole-wheat bread, but only a few a day and on order only. See for contact info the LINKS tab on my site. He seems to have a Facebook page, but I am not a Facebook visitor.

I have ordered already two times two breads. Also my family, who visited us recently, enjoyed this bread. So if you live in Pangasinan, go and visit him, he is looking for more business.


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