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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Renewal Dutch Passport with Dual Citizenship

My wife's Dutch passport will expire on November this year, so I decided to start the renewal procedure early enough to be able to manage any problems with the renewal, as she is a Dual Citizenship passport holder.

The Netherlands has a very strict policy on Citizenship and especially discouraging Dual Citizenship. See also my posts Re-acquisition Philippine Citizenship, Dual Citizenship for Filipino's, and Philippines Passport Renewal.

So I was afraid that we would run into problems as we didn't inform the Dutch authorities when we went for the Re-acquisition procedure with the Philippines authorities.

On the Dutch governmental site regarding dual citizenship I found the following statement:

Er zijn verschillende situaties waarin u geen afstand hoeft de doen van uw oorspronkelijke nationaliteit:
  1. Het land van herkomst bepaalt de nationaliteit. Ook bepaalt ieder land zelf wanneer iemand de nationaliteit verliest. Voor burgers uit Griekenland en Marokko is het bijvoorbeeld juridisch niet mogelijk de nationaliteit af te staan.
  2. Als u getrouwd bent met een Nederlander, mag u uw eigen nationaliteit houden. Dit geldt ook bij een geregistreerd partnerschap.
  3. Vluchtelingen die genaturaliseerd willen worden, mogen hun oorspronkelijke nationaliteit houden. Ze moeten erkend vluchteling zijn in Nederland, Aruba, CuraƧao of Sint Maarten.

Rule number 2 is applicable in our case, translated it says:
If you are married to a Dutch (man or woman), you may keep your original nationality. This applies also if you are officially living together without being married.
Since some time you cannot visit the Dutch embassy in Manila without making an appointment. Luckily apart from calling their call center you can also do it by email. I prefer this as usually the call center agents do not understand me and I also have problems understanding them.

I wrote my email request for an appointment in Dutch, to be sure that one of the Dutch employees would process my request. Indeed I got a nice message with a proposal date and time from a female employee of the embassy. In case I need additional services or have complicated matters to deal with, I have a contact name.

The appointment was less than a week later after my initial request. We prepared the documents and two passport photo's. There is an instruction for the passport photo's with Do's and Don'ts in a four page document. It took quite some time to instruct the lady who made the passport photo's. Three attempts were done, we accepted the last attempt.

Documents you need in this case are 1) the Application form, 2) two correct Passport photo's, 3) Passport to be renewed, 4) Philippines passport if you have one, 5) Spouse passport if you want your Spouse's name in your new passport. In addition I brought 6) the Re-acquisition certificate, which was happily copied.

The passport photo's were not accepted!!

The other documents I also brought, proving that she had acquired her Dutch Citizenship in the correct way, were not needed. Also no interview as is done the first time you go for a passport.

We choose for the option that the passport will be delivered at home. It takes two to three weeks before it is delivered, and no more travelling is required, spilling time and money.

The costs for the passport, including home delivery, is 7.916 pesos.

Just to give you an idea of the time it takes the following was our itinerary.

We were at 4.00 am along the highway, taking the 5-Star bus to Pasay City in Manila south. The bus arrived 4.30 am and @ 7.00 am we arrived in Balintawak in Manila north. The bus arrived at Ayala avenue (Makati) around 9.00 am, and it took us more than 30 minutes to get a taxi to the embassy, where we arrived around 10.00 am. Total travelling time 6 hours.

Note: The bus was new and had a toilet (CR) on board. So they don't have stop at all, while usually they have one or two comfort breaks of 15 minutes.

When we discovered that the passport photo's were wrong, we went to a small photo shop, just 50 meters away from the embassy, where they know how to make Dutch passport photos. After having made some corrections in the Application form, delivering the correct photo's, let them make the fingerprints and receiving the delivery address, the exact payment was handed over. We were ready @ 12.00 pm.

We went to Mall of Asia for lunch and to buy some European food. They have delicious French bread in The French Baker shop and nice cold cut meat and sausages from Swiss Deli (see for URL's in my Link tab) in the hypermarket.

The way back home started @ 2.30 pm in the bus terminal of 5-Star in Pasay. Just after the bus left the terminal we entered into a terrestrial rain explosion for almost an hour. Many streets went flooding in no time. However in Manila north the rain stopped. Having had one stop in Angeles city (Marquee mall) we arrived in Sta. Barbara @ 08.30 pm. Total travelling time 6 hours again.


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