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― Lucille Ball

Friday, September 19, 2014

Typhoon 1416: FUNG WONG (Int) or MARIO (Ph)

Sta. Barbara

Sep. 19, 2014 - 08.00 PM

This typhoon was expected not to make landfall in the Philippines. That's why I didn't opened a blog post for it.

But the track was a bit more south than expected, but still in the forecast-ed track range. It made landfall in the utmost north of the country. Hence I opened a blog post and will publish my experiences briefly now and then.

Rain started to come down this afternoon at 3 PM, as a continuous moderate rain. Be aware that this is a combination of the monsoon and impact of the typhoon.

Now it is still raining and I am wondering if the river can manage the water that is coming down, not only here but also in the mountains north-east of Pangasinan, especially because I don't believe that the problems with the river are solved since the previous typhoon and flood earlier this week.

As it is dark I cannot see what is happening around our compound, I have to wait for tomorrow morning daybreak.

So far there is no excessive wind and also the public storm warning system (PSWS) had not issued a warning for Pangasinan.

Sep. 20, 2014 - 08.00 AM

It rained last night such that there is a flood again around our compound. But at our premises it is dry, except for a small area that has not been finished as part of the landscaping. So we decided to continue with the preparation of the party we had planned for today.

Sep. 20, 2014 - 02.00 PM

The lunch-party we had planned for today was not cancelled, however our guests had to wade thru the flood for about 100 meters and more than knee deep. But they don't mind and are enjoying the food now.

Now and then some rain, and the water is still rising, but I believe it's stabilizing now. The sky is getting more clear, so I hope to see the sun today or tomorrow.

Sep. 21, 2014 - 08.00 AM

Around our house the water is gone already, except one low area. The water level around our compound is again lowering. At the main gate along the barangay road, there is still water flowing like a small river, water level is knee deep.

The sky is clear, some blue area's and I can see the mountains again. I guess tomorrow most of the flooding water is gone, except for some area's that are lower than average. There it will a few more days for the water to drain in the soil and to evaporate in the sun.

Sep. 21, 2014 - 06.00 PM

This afternoon I had to bring two of our guests to Mangaldan, for their bus to Baguio. On the way to the main road we passed some heavy flooded areas. At some places the water was quite deep, I guess three feet and fast flowing perpendicular to the road. 

So I am glad we have a car on high wheels and with disc brakes as these are less sensitive for water than drum brakes. With our previous car we had always problems after a flood, because the drum brakes were blocking, probably because of rust in the drums.

Sep. 22, 2014 - 08.00 AM

Water is still flowing around our compound, but inside all is dry and we are cleaning up the area. The water on the road in front of us is now one to half foot deep.

The toll for this typhoon in the Philippines is about 15 people dead and 25.000 people displaced. I heard that there was a pregnant woman found drowned in our barangay some 100 meters from our house. She was from barangay Banzal, one kilometer upstream. 


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