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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Typhoon 1409: RAMMASUN (Int) or GLENDA (Ph)

Tropical Cyclone Track at 17:00 HKT 15 July 2014
Courtesy Hong Kong Observatory

Sta. Barbara

This is the first typhoon this year (2014-01) hitting the Philippines.
It's getting dark already (3.50 PM), so I guess the edge of the typhoon area has reached us now.

It's also starting to rain and I hear the thunder still far away, but approaching.

Landfall is expected this afternoon in Camarines Sur, south Luzon, about 500 km from our place.

In our storage room we have sufficient food to survive for a week.

We have prepared our compound, so we are ready for it, although I don't expect too much problems. Probably we will get some flooding in our area, as they usually open a dam in the river nearby. Since we have done the back filling recently, I don't expect flooding of our area, except the barangay-road in front of our house will become a river.

As we have another car since early this year, with all four wheels having disc-brakes, it's not a problem to drive through the water, so if their is an emergency we can leave by car.

It is now 8.05 PM, the thunder and rain stopped. I am waiting again for the the wind/rain. I will give an update tomorrow morning.


My weather station is broken, so I cannot give any meteorological data about the typhoon when passing this area. Next year I hope to be able put a new weather station in place.

Update 16 July 08.00 AM

It has rained last night, but not extreme. There is no flood around the house, so the river dam was not opened, or the water level in the river is not extremely high.

It is clear and dry. I can see the mountains of Baguio (Sierra Madre) and there is no wind. Even there is some blue sky visible in northern direction.

Update 16 July 04.00 PM

The wind force increased during the day, direction from the east. Rain was moderate. Still no flooding.

Reports are saying that metro Manila has been hit severely.

Just after lunch, I guess 1.30 PM, the double roll-up door of the bodega was blown out by a gust. The door is on the east side. The removable middle post was probably not well fixed in the ground. See the pictures. As a result our car got some scratches on the back side, see pictures below.

Our maids have been to the market, just in case it will flood, in which case we will not go to the Sunday market as usually.

Update 19 July

As we had several long power outages the last couple of days - I don't believe because of the typhoon - I wasn't able to update this post earlier. Just to finalize the post I want to mention that the typhoon has taken 77 lives in the Philippines, a lot of flooding in the Manila area and is now slamming mainland China as a super typhoon, perhaps taking even more lives.

Pictures of our damage

I managed to put some heavy machines to prevent the doors coming in again, and I moved the car a bit more inside, farther away from the doors

The back door and bumper are scratched, hope they can fix it again


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