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Friday, July 25, 2014

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

When we visited our family in Ilocos Norte province, see my blog-post here, we brought home some dragon fruit plants. This was in August 2013.

We nurtured them in pots, but since we did the back-filling, we planted them behind the bahay-kubo near the fence in our new vegetables garden.

One week ago we could harvest the first piece of fruit, see the picture.

Unfortunately there was only one piece of fruit. but since the rainy season started a month ago, I expect more will be produced the coming months.

Red inside texture
The native name in many countries where they produce this fruit, is pitaya. It is growing on a kind of cactus. There are basically two different kinds. One has white the other one red fruit texture. Ours is red inside, very juicy and sweet.

The texture looks a bit like a kiwi, but the outside shape and color is quite different. They also have the small black round seeds like a kiwi.

The origin of the pitaya is Mexico. The fruit was imported in south-east Asia by the European colonizers. You find them now in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, south China, Indonesia and the Philippines. But also in north Australia and Israel.

Courtesy Wikipedia


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