“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Excellent services for US orders via MyUS.COM to anywhere

In my recent post a couple of weeks ago, regarding ordering swimming pool items in the US, I told you that I had a bad experience with express post.

One of my readers suggested to check out for MyUS.com. Well I did and I was impressed when I visited their web site. As I wanted to order some more items, this time for my workshop machines project, I decided to try it out. You have to pay a one time fee of 10 USD, you get your suite number and the full address, and you can order immediately, which I did.

You can set several parameters for the processing of items delivered in your suite inbox. I choose for repacking (removing shoe-boxes they call it), and immediately sending via DHL, as they have a processing center near by my location in the Philippines.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Yesterday evening, Mothers day Eve, we had a devastating tornado, as I have not experienced before here in the Philippines.

It seems that on local TV channels, it was reported that in Laguna and Manila area they even had hail, which is very unusual for the Philippines.

Unfortunately my (base station) weather station is not working anymore, so I can not report the wind force and rainfall figures for our site, but it was severe and devastating.

Our swimming pool, was prepared for refilling, and has now a level of 15-20 cm water, I guess from only two hours rainfall.

But more devastating was the wind. While raining, you could see that the rain was coming in almost horizontally from WNW.

So that is the side where we have most of the damage. Three 4-years old (umbrella) trees are broken - one is fully gone, see picture, three are partially broken.

The top of the tree on this picture landed some 25-30 meters further south, probably just missing the bahay kubo and the new light of the swimming pool, as they are both undamaged.

One of the main lights on the entrance fence was broken off the post and thrown 10 meters further south.

The swinging sofa that we have in the west balcony was smashed away and partly broken. Also the banana trees that we have just outside our fenced part of the compound have severe damage.

Here are some more pictures.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Swimming pool items via International Express Mail to the Philippines

For our renewed swimming pool I needed some parts which I was not able to trace down here in the Philippines. So I decided to order them in the US.

The sales rep of the company, in California USA, advised me to make use of USPS express mail packaging, as the items would fit in a small box, for 92 USD, excluding import duties and tax.

I didn't realize that time that this is different from e.g. FedEx or UPS. It is just international mail from one country to another, with all the problems and uncertainties involved.

From USPS I got an email with an Internet address for checking the status. After a couple of days the package was in the Philippines, but where?? See a copy of the status report below. For the US sites it specifies the location, but for the Philippines no indication of the location.


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