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Monday, March 24, 2014

Strawberry Fields La Trinidad

Our first visit to Baguio this year was on 9 February. One of the things we did that weekend was visiting the strawberry fields in La Trinidad, capital municipality of Benguet province.

La Trinidad's floor elevation is 1300 meters above sea level. That's why the average temperature is much lower than the rest of the Philippines. It ranges on average from 12 in winter to 22 degrees Celsius in summer.

This climate is good for fruits (strawberry, raspberry, tomato) and vegetables (e.g. cabbage, carrot, potato, leeks, lettuce, Baguio beans) originating from more moderate climate areas in other parts of the world. Therefor Benguet is also called the Salad Bowl of the Philippines.

La Trinidad is only a few kilometers north of Baguio, so half an hour drive if traffic is not jamming. Better don't go on Sundays there.

Pick as many as you like
Baguio is situated in the province of Benguet and some people believe that Baguio is therefor part of Benguet, but it is not. It is an independent city in the Philippines geographic / administrative hierarchy. Benguet province is part of CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region).

What makes it such an interesting tourist attraction is that you can pick your own strawberries. One kilo for 200 pesos. If you buy them in the shop along the road or in the supermarket, you get them for 100 pesos the kilo, but you cannot select them yourself.
One basket is roughly 1 kilo

And while picking you can eat them as well, so you might eat one kilo, bring three kilo and pay 600 pesos. And I assure you they are so nice, tasty and juicy. Just try it once in your life.

The picking period is from November to end of March.


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