“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mitsubishi Montero Sport GTV 2.5L 4x4 A/T

Old van (left) and new car on display
Our van (Hyuandai Starex, 1999) was getting too old to reliably drive around, especially to further destinations like Manila, or the mountains of Baguio. I had quite some problems the last two years, so many repairs and headaches.

I remember that a couple of years ago we would bring my parents in law to the airport in Manila, as they were to emigrate to the USA. In Villasis, only 20 km from here the car's clutch failed and we had to continue by bus, including all the luggage.

Two years ago when I was on my way to Manila airport to pickup my mother, sister and brother in law, bad luck struck again. I remember it was a Sunday morning, after refueling the car on the NLEX near San Fernando, Pampanga, the engine refused to start again. It was a miracle that I could find, with the help of a service station employee, a car engineer who was willing to come and help me. He solved the problem (diesel pump leaking) within an hour and I was just in time at the airport for pickup.

We finally decided early this year to sell the van and buy a new car, although we did it the other way around, as it seems to be quite easy to sell a second hand car. Indeed we could sell it for a much better price than I anticipated, thanks to active marketing of my asawa on Facebook

Counting the money after the sales price was agreed
This moment was chosen as well because the bodega was almost ready, so a safe and clean place to park the new car.

On request of my family  I will display some photo's below, with background details where useful.

So next time they visit us they will have comfortable and reliable transport,

There he goes, we will never see this van again
We wanted to buy an SUV, and as my asawa wants always the latest model and highly vogue (is that correct English?), it would be a Toyota Fortuner or Mitshubishi Montero.

I also wanted to evaluate Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Isuzu SUV's, but this was spilled energy.

The Montero came on the market only a couple of years ago, the Fortuner is already longer on the market in the Philippines, so according to Filipina logic it had to be a Montero.

As this would be probably my last new car purchase, I wanted to have all the "nice to have" options, even if that made the purchasing price quite higher than for the basic model.

The model that we chose is a Montero Sport GTV 2.5L 4x4 A/T

See also the post regarding the car blessing we did in January and yhe post on my car history.

It's a 7-seater, high on its wheels, ...

... so even when we have a flood, we can still leave the house.

All 4 wheels have a disc brake, which is much better then a drum brake in flooded circumstances

The engine is a 2.5 liter turbo diesel

The dashboard is simple, but many options can be selected from the dashboard or the steering wheel and the driver seat has electrical positioning controls. 

Steering wheel has many controls, including media, display and speed control. 

Air-con, media player, radio, dvd, USB, navigator and car management system are fully integrated. Leather is used for all seats and the dashboard

Navigator display activated

Meanwhile a DVD can be played for the passengers ...

 in the middle row seats, via a headrest display screen

Automatic and semi-manual transmission stick, including a 3-stage 4 wheel drive stick

The third row seats can easily be folded down to increase the baggage space

On our way to Baguio, taking a rest at the Lions Head. 4-wheel drive makes driving here much saver.


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