“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dutch Windmill Foods

During our last visit to Baguio March 10th, we also went to SM supermarket, for items we cannot buy in Dagupan.

Just before we finished I discovered a small glass case with typical Dutch products as you see in the Netherlands super markets and butcheries.

Cold cut (sliced) meat of all kind, sausages and different kinds of cheese. The guy who was behind the glass case told us that two Frenchmen had initiated this business. And he said that this was new in Baguio SM since February 2014, but in some other SMs like in Manila MoA and Clark they sell these products already some time.

Starting point for the river cruise
This was a lucky hit, so I ordered all kinds of sliced meat and cheese and a bundle of sausages, as to try it at home to be sure no sugar added as they do here and it is really tastes like what you can buy in Europe. And they have not only Dutch cheese/meat, but also salami, cheese and sausages from Italy, Swiss and Germany.

The brand is Dutch Windmill Foods (Gourmet and Fantastic), click here  to go to their website. I found on their website that the two owners are not Frenchmen, but Dutchmen, as I expected already.

Good business guys, I love it!

Well indeed we enjoyed all products we purchased and today I consumed the last back bacon, the cheese was finished already last week. So it's time to go again to Baguio next week and buy much more.


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