“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outbuilding - Phase 2

Spouse and maid in the doorway of the phase 2 bodega
In 2010 when we started building our house and fence, we also built an outbuilding, which they call here a bodega or workshop, alias garage, see my post titled Outbuilding.

This building was only half of what I had in mind and had a temporary roof, trusses made from coco lumber.

As we have started the landscaping of our compound early this year and intended to buy a new car, we decided to complete the bodega, such that we could park the car to protect it against rain, sun and typhoon, and even more important our dogs. They nibble all plastic parts of the car and motor bike when they are released to guard our compound during the night. Especially the puppies/young dogs we have regularly do this.

So we started to build the walls from hollow blocks, as the foundation and floor where done already in 2010. I wanted some windows to let light coming in and the doors would be roll-up doors. Not the cheapest but in this case the best option, to ensure good access for the car and no loss of floor and wall space from doors on hinges.

The entrance for the car consists of a beam with L-shape on top of two walls, made from concrete with a lot of 16 mm steel bars to be able to bridge a gap of 6 meters.

The roof is again temporary and made from coco lumber and cheap roofing sheets. As the easiest and cheapest way to make the trusses was to go for a gable roof, while the roof of the phase 1 bodega has a hipped roof, you will see a very rare construction. One side of the gable roof is resting on one side of the hipped roof. The gutter for both roofs is made inside. See the pictures below.

Next phase (3) will be a new roof and painting, probably next year.

Picture show

Building up the scaffolding for the beam

Left the existing bodega, right the existing Comfort Room

New walls from hollow blocks and the windows

Left the new part of the bodega, right the existing part, including the roof

Windows installed in the new bodega part

View from the new entrance, left existing, right new

The new beam ready to receive the roll-up doors and the roof

The roll-up doors are being installed

Inside view from the roll-up doors

Here is a roll-up door installed as well
The cocolumber trusses are being installed

Lights are being installed

The roofing vertical side is covered with roofing sheets

The gutter for both roofs is installed

This is how it looks from the outside

Gutter pipe is being installed

Even the CR gets a ceiling and light


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