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― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Restaurant - "Sidney's Grill", Dagupan

Rating ❶ out of

For my birthday last year, I invited my family for a lunch at Sidney's Grill in Dagupan, along the Venecia Extension.

On Internet I read about the restaurant several comments and blogs, saying that it was/is the best restaurant in Dagupan.

Also the location looks right, with bahay kubo's floating on the water and the central building on posts in the water. It looks a bit like restaurant Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac, but not as big and beautiful as Isdaan.

So we had high hopes, but were disappointed about the food and the service.

Let me tell you what we experienced.

First of all the staff was not professional and friendly. It took them 10 minutes or so to fix the table cloth, with pins and needles. The table cloth was dirty and had scratches.

When we finally could order our food, the staff could not explain to us which ingredients were included of some items on the menu.

Fifteen minutes or so after having given the order, they came back, saying that one of the items we ordered was not available. Why didn't they know when we ordered?

It took a long time before the food was being served. They had only brought the plates, no cutlery so we had to tell the staff that we were not planning to eat with our bare hands.

The plates were made of plastic and different designs, damaged perimeter and the cutlery was also cheap and a hodgepodge, dirty and bent.

The food they brought was cold already or not long enough reheated, so surely the food was not fresh when served. And one item we ordered was not served at all, but were not in the mood to reorder it.

I have not been to the restrooms, but my wife told me that they were very dirty.

During our lunch the staff didn't come to see us and asking if all was okay and if we wanted to have refilled our glasses. This is what I expect from professional staff.

Finally when we got the receipt, it turned out that the item that was not delivered was put on the receipt, we refused to pay that item of course. It seems that their administration is not organized as well.

So many reasons for us not to come back and not to recommend this restaurant to friends.

(Note: below rating details have been added on 11/14/2015).


  1. Service: 1
  2. Menu: 3
  3. Prices, value for money: 1
  4. Food: 1
  5. Plates and Cutlery: 1
  6. Bathroom cleanliness: 1
  7. Site: 5
  8. Parking: 5
  9. Easy to find: 5
  10. Specials (none); 

Adding up all our impressions and experiences, I would give it an average rating of 1 out of 5 for this restaurant.


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