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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Filipino Tradition for New Year

The Philippines is known for its many traditions, like other Asian counties.

One of them is to collect 12 (for each month 1) round fruits and display them on New Year's Eve.

Some like we, go for 13, nobody knows why. 

Round shapes represent coins and are thought to symbolize prosperity in the coming year. Therefore, Filipino families display round fruits on New Year's Eve.

Like in Spain, Filipinos eat 12 fruits at midnight. The banana, pineapple and dragon fruit should not be included of course, but the round requirement is not taken seriously anymore.

See this site for other New Year traditions around the world.

Of course we had a lot of other food, like a lechon pig (barbecued until the skin is crispy), fruit salad, cake, and a typical Dutch New Years Eve recipe called "oliebollen" (a kind of donuts without the hole in the middle  and with raisins).

See the pictures below for a brief impression of our New Year's party.

Almost all ingredients are displayed already
The lechon pig was just delivered

Cutting the head (for display) must be done by the host
All party members, excluding my asawa

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