“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tropical Cyclone NARI (international) - SANTI (Philippines)

Courtesy HK Observatory
Sta Barbara

Last weekend we experienced the impact of typhoon Nari. We were quite well prepared in case it would be flooded again, like enough food for a week, no urgent business the week following the typhoon, etc.

Landfall was expected on Friday 11  Oktober and the track of the eye was expected to pass Dagupan City on Saturday, only 10 km's from our place. That's why there were some TV reporters staying in and reporting from Dagupan.

Friday daytime was still calm, almost no wind and no rain, but the highest signal #3 was forcasted within 24 hours for Pangasinan province. The evening and night the rain and wind started and intensity increased during the night. The following morning (Saturday) it was almost calm again. We were surprised about the track speed and limited intensity of this typhoon, it was much faster all over than we anticipated.

Courtesy HK Observatory
The track over north Luzon island was more south than predicted, see the map. Tarlac city is located about 63 km's south of our place. The previous one Utor / Labuyo passed our place 80 km's northerly.

As the rain was much less than with the previous typhoon, so luckily we had no flooding this time.

It is said that there were 13 people left dead and 43.000 displaced and of course a lot of material damage caused by the typhoon.

The typhoon made landfall as a category #3, but weakened to a 2 and later a 1 category, while crossing Luzon.

Unfortunately my weather-station computer has some problems, so I cannot present here graphical weather  data, hopefully next time I will do.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cignal additional Set Top Boxes

Early this week I picked up my second STB (Set Top Box) in Magic Appliances, Nepo Mall, Dagupan.

The box is a HS8871 from Skyworth and looks like the unit on the picture, only the front controls are a bit different.
So it is different from the first box I got with my initial contract, see also my earlier post here.

To my surprise I got as well a new satellite dish, single standard LNB and mounting brackets. It seems to be new policy to use a dedicated dish for each STB with a single standard LNB. Would you like to have as many dishes as STB's and TV's in your house? The more dishes visible, the more attractive for burglars!!!! 


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