“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Steve Jobs' biography

Cover page biography, Steve 1955-2011
Sta. Barbara

One of the reasons that I didn't publish many posts the last two months, is that while traveling to Europe back and forth, taking care of my mother after her accident in the Philippines, I read the biography of Steve Jobs and the aftermath it had.

I will explain.

Just before we would travel to the Netherlands beginning of March, I purchased the biography of Steve Jobs, just to have some reading material while travelling and because he was in IT-business like I was in the same period of our lives, say from the seventies last century until beginning of the tenths this century, so a period of 40+ years.

He was a bit younger then I am and much more smart with many more talents. Anyway it felt as if I knew him quite well from an IT business perspective. In my early business years we even purchased some Apple LISA computers to test them for our text processing learning project in the computer department where I worked that time, which was a product created by Steve and named after his first daughter Lisa.

It turned out, while reading the book, that I really didn't know him so well as I believed I did, so it's a real Eye-opener. The book has 571 pages (English version), excluding the Notes, references, Indexes, so it takes a while to read it.

Be sure if you want to purchase or read the biography, you take the one written by Walter Isaacson. He is the only by Steve authorized biographer, and I am sure it contains many details not found in other biographies.

What touched me most was the mix of talents he had, from technology, IT, design, manufacturing, sales and up-selling, marketing,  distribution, and managing a big company (the biggest finally), and probably most important to focus on as few as possible subjects.
And of course how this impacted his family life, his way of living, and his struggle to fight his cancer.

I will not repeat the book here of course, but only recommend to read it if you are interested in the history of IT, in marketing and sales, in managing a company started with 2 persons until the biggest company in the world (in terms of turnover and profit).


Because the book is quite voluminous with 570 pages, it took me some time to read it, every day a few pages when possible. So only after my return to the Philippines I could finish reading the book.
I read about the idea of Steve to connect IT and the media, which resulted in iTunes Library and the Apple iTunesmedia Store and realized, after my daughter taught me when I was there in March, that it was also available for Windows PC's, and a potential solution for my private music library.

I am not a Mac (Apple) user, even not an Apple smartphone user, but very interested in a good environment to organize and cleanup all music songs and albums I had collected and stored on my PC the last twenty years. So iTunes would be a tool that could help me to manage my collection of music, even video. Due to lack of time and good tools, I never finished cleaning up, organizing, removing duplicate songs, etc.

By now I had a tool that could help me and because of my retirement since a year I also have time to do it. And that is what I did the last three weeks. I am almost finished (popular music only, classical still to be done), and have now a well organized library of ca. 4.500 songs and ca. 500 albums (not all complete yet). With the handy duplicate select tool I discovered more than 500 duplicates, and later I discovered even more when I corrected wrong spellings.

By the way my daughter and son had both their birthday this month, and so I decided to give them both a copy of the book as a gift. My daughter because she is an Apple user and my son because he is a marketeer. I will get their feedback hopefully soon.


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