“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Steve Jobs' biography

Cover page biography, Steve 1955-2011
Sta. Barbara

One of the reasons that I didn't publish many posts the last two months, is that while traveling to Europe back and forth, taking care of my mother after her accident in the Philippines, I read the biography of Steve Jobs and the aftermath it had.

I will explain.

Just before we would travel to the Netherlands beginning of March, I purchased the biography of Steve Jobs, just to have some reading material while travelling and because he was in IT-business like I was in the same period of our lives, say from the seventies last century until beginning of the tenths this century, so a period of 40+ years.

He was a bit younger then I am and much more smart with many more talents. Anyway it felt as if I knew him quite well from an IT business perspective. In my early business years we even purchased some Apple LISA computers to test them for our text processing learning project in the computer department where I worked that time, which was a product created by Steve and named after his first daughter Lisa.


Yara and 3 white puppies
Last week our dog Yara delivered again a septet of puppies, like she did in September 2012.
See my post at that time Dog Birth and the Remaining puppies in February this year.

So again seven puppies and again is the father our German Sheppard.

However within the first two days 2 puppies died already, so what remains are five puppies, 3 white like the mother and 2 brown like the father.

Four puppies are female and one is male. We don't know yet whether we will keep one or more of the puppies, but at least they will stay here until they are 8 weeks old, then we will decide.

This brief report is basically meant for my mother and daughter, as they know the dogs here and have some affection to the father and mother and the two remaining puppies from the first delivery in September last year, called "Vlekje" and "De Neus", typical Dutch names, aren't they?

In the picture below you see all the puppies, the mother and in the background in front of the car "De Neus" from the first delivery.

Mother, 5 puppies and daughter "De Neus".

Friday, April 12, 2013

VAT refund for non-European travellers

It's a while since I did my last post, but I had my reasons. Anyway here we go again.

When I was in the Netherlands I bought some electronic equipment, as it is usually more expensive and/or not available in the Philippines.

Indeed the camera I bought, a Canon IXUS HS240, is not being sold in the Philippines. It's a nice small HD camera, with many options including video shooting and WiFi for uploading the pictures to another device, like your PC or another Canon camera or your smart phone.
Price was 169 Euro, including 30 Euro VAT.

Further I bought 2 pads and some memory flash cards. The pads are a Samsung 10.1 inch (N8010) and a 7.0 inch (P3100) with SIM for in total 993 Euro, including 172 Euro VAT.

Later on I found that these pads are cheaper in the Philippines, but anyway it was a good purchase after all, because there was a Samsung promo for both pads, refunding 50 Euro each. They transferred the promo already to my account, so within 2 weeks. And of course because of the refunding of VAT I would claim.

As you can see on the Customer Receipt, the refunded VAT is much lower than I paid in the shop. It means that from the total VAT I paid - VAT in the Netherlands is 21%, so a total of 201 Euro - they incurred 71 Euro for their services or 7.3%. Here is a link to Global Blue's refunding payment calculater, however I am doubting to go there again.

I guess a better option is https://www.vatfree.com/en/for-travelers#faq , they ask 5% for their services for purchases between 1001 and 2000 Euro. So next time I will try this one.

For general info on the procedure for VAT refunding at Schiphol airport, visit this link.


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