“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Friday, January 18, 2013


We delayed the purchase of an air-con until now, but since my mother is staying here to winter the cold period in the Netherlands, I decided to install an air-con, as she is sleeping in the warmest room of our house.

The size of the bedroom is such that we need a 1.5 hp air-con. The air-con was ordered on Wednesday, January 13th and would be delivered next day, while the installation was scheduled for Saturday.

I was very surprised next day morning when two technicians arrived with their new company tricycle for installing the air-con, while the unit was not delivered yet.

I suggested them to contact HQ to ask for a fast delivery so they could wait for it and install the same day. After 15 minutes the delivery truck arrived!!

When I designed the house (see my blog post about the design) I decided to make two canopy's, one at the east and one at the west side of the house, for installing the outdoor cooling units of the air-con's we once would have. So I decided already in the design phase that we would have split type air-con's.

The bedroom is on the ground floor and I made a pipe just under the ceiling from the room to the canopy. Unfortunately this solution turned out not to work as there were 2 problems with the pipe:
  1. The pipe is fitted too high, as the water outlet pipe of the indoor unit is at the bottom level of the unit, and the position of the pipe I prepared is ca. 30-40 cm higher.
  2. There is a 45 degree elbow in the middle of the pipe, and the copper pipes for the refrigerant could not be bend and isolated because of the elbow. A straight pipe would be okay.
So I had to decide for a back-to-back solution for the indoor and outdoor units. As they brought a wall stand in the tricycle for the outdoor unit, I agreed with this solution. The stand was included in the installation fee of 2.000 pesos. As they worked almost the whole day with two persons, this is a fair price. Also the air-con itself was a fair price of 20.800 pesos. I had visited before several suppliers and the highest price I got was 26.000 pesos.

A suitable position for the indoor unit was chosen, but unfortunately they cut a gutter pipe in the wall (my fault I forgot to tell them), so we had to move the position a bit. The pipe was repaired with vulcaseal and some other stuff. No other problems occurred and the installation was completed 4.00 pm.

I still have to make a final electrical connection as the wall outlet for this air-con is above the canopy. So we use a temporary connection.

My mother is very pleased with the air-con, she sleeps much better now and the air-con is really whispering and no cold air flow over the bed.


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