“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Friday, January 18, 2013


We delayed the purchase of an air-con until now, but since my mother is staying here to winter the cold period in the Netherlands, I decided to install an air-con, as she is sleeping in the warmest room of our house.

The size of the bedroom is such that we need a 1.5 hp air-con. The air-con was ordered on Wednesday, January 13th and would be delivered next day, while the installation was scheduled for Saturday.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Flat Tire

Last Wednesday 1/9/13 we went to Urdaneta for ordering an air-con for one of our guestrooms, the one my mother is using when she is here.

Only 500 meters from home we heard a repeating sound in the backside of the car. I stopped the car and checked outside. It was a flat tire. Now I realized why the people we passed by were looking at: I drove from my house already with a flat tire until here.

Luckily I had all my tools and hydraulic jack in the car. Within 5 minutes I had more than 10 boys around the car, wanting to see what was going on and how I fixed the problem. It took me 10-15 minutes to replace the flat tire wheel with the spare. As I was full of sweat and had dirty hands, we decided to go back home, change shirt and wash my hands.

With a delay of 30 minutes we headed again to Urdaneta and my first stop was at the tire center Starman Enterprises Inc. next to CSI on Manila North Road, the road to Villasis.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Christmas 2012
Sta. Barbara

Fist of all let me wish you and your relatives a happy and prosperous New Year.

Frequent readers of my blog may wonder what happened with me and my blog.

Don't worry, I just had no time and enough energy to write new blogs, as I was busy preparing our clean kitchen, many small projects and preparing for the visit of my mother and daughter during Christmas 2012, starting December 19 and a lot of paperwork including travelling to Manila 4 times in 2 weeks.

I have lots of ideas for my next posts, such as our new kitchen project, family visit, Hundred Islands, Baguio, automatic gate opener, passport renewal, LTO, etc.

So stay tuned for my 2013 blog posts or even better subscribe for e-mail updates or as a follower in the right hand frame.


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