“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Monday, May 28, 2012

Vintage Classic Car Show Dagupan

A while ago we had to go to the SSS (Social Security System) in Dagupan A.B. Fernandez Boulevard east to deliver a form of the SVB (Social Insurance Bank) called a "Life Certificate" for my state pension called AOW. The SSS authorizes the certificate for the SVB, so they check whether I am alive, as well as my wife. This is to prevent the SVB will pay pensions to dead people, like what happened in Greece for many years.

We wanted to park our car opposite of SSS, on the car park of a small shopping center.

I was really amazed to see that they were unloading and positioning classic cars. Amazed because Filipino like everything new, so a show with old classic cars is not something I would expect to see in the Philippines. As I found out later, the show was part of the famous Dagupan Bangus festival, and organised by the Pangasinan based NorthStar Vintage Motor Club.

On display are a Ford Fairlane 500, Comet 202, 1968 Plymouth, Datsun 2407, Fiat, Volkwagon Beatle and more.

See some more pictures follow below.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

De Vliegende Hollander, Monday 7 May 1945

Side 1

Today I was scanning some old study books of my deceased father on aircraft technology before WWII. He was studying aircraft mechanics during the war. In one of the books I found already last year a handwritten religious poem of my father, this time I found a one page two-sided newspaper in A4 format, called "DE VLIEGENDE HOLLANDER", or in English: " The Flying Dutchman".

The newspaper was issued by the Allied Forces fighting against Germany and dated May 7, 1945. As the newspaper was meant for Dutch people in the Netherlands it is written in Dutch. I am sorry for not having an English translation.
Main articles are the surrender of the German armies in North West Germany and Denmark to Field Marshal Montgomery (Monty) on the Luneburger Heide in Germany and the surrender in the Netherlands of the German armies by Field Marshal Blaskowitz to General Foulkes in hotel "De Wereld" in Wageningen, with Prins Bernhard present and acting as representative for the Netherlands.

I am sure this newspaper will be somewhere in a museum in the Netherlands, but as I have here an original paper in very good condition, I wanted to share it on my blog with anyone interested in WWII history.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

River Cruise

Starting point for the river cruise
Mayor Lim of Dagupan City launched the idea of a river cruise in Dagupan in early 2011 and it was implemented July 1st the same year under the name "Dawel River Cruise". It was my intention to use it as one of the outings when my family was on visit Christmas last year. However it didn't fit in the schedule finally.

As my sister- and parents-  in-law came over from the US to the Philippines two weeks ago, I offered them to do the river cruise. So we went yesterday. It is really a Filipino style outing, I tell you why.

The day before I went there to inquire for details, like days of operation and departure times, number of persons, price. It was quite simple, they have 3 boats, actually catamarans (two hulls) and on top a kind of bahay kubo. It's a free service from the city and intended to stimulate tourism. Times of departure are 9.00 am and 2.00 pm, every day of the week. They have 2 different sizes of boats - two for ca. 25 persons and one for 40-45 persons - and no need to register in advance, however as we found out later you can do it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding in Bangkok

Unfortunately I didn't join the wedding ceremonial, which was last Saturday morning, as I didn't know the time and location, it wasn't on the invitation I got and because my visit should be a surprise for them, I didn't ask for it.

It seems to be an event you should have to pass through once in your life. It's according to Thai tradition and culture, with monks, flowers and of course fantastic cloths and colors.

Anyway I was there to join the wedding buffet. Starting 19.00 hours. I prepared myself - taking a bath and changing cloths @ 17.30 hours and then took the skytrain @ 6 pm from my hotel Lilla near BTS station Phra Khanong to Nana station, close to hotel The Landmark, where the buffet would be.

The seventh floor was used for a couple of wedding parties in parallel on this special Thai day. The date was specifically chosen: 5-5-2555, according to the Thai calendar.

It was N'Lek - the bride - who saw me first and she was really surprised to see me after 3 years, while very busy organizing the reception table at the entrance of Conservatory room.

We hugged of course extensively, but then I let her do her things, there would be ample time later tonight or tomorrow to talk and gossip.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time Dislexia? and traveling stress!

Two of my friends in Bangkok I worked with during my stay there a couple of years ago decided to merry today. As I was invited, I had to go of course.

But what happened during my trip from Sta. Barbara to Bangkok striked me hard. It's not the first time this happened, but I was never so close to a mental disaster as yesterday.

I believe and always knew: I have TIME DYSLEXIA. It's not an official term, but I want to call it like that because what happens is that sometimes, but not always I read a wrong time. Let me explain.

My flight from Clark airport in Pampanga, Philippines, was scheduled for 16.15 hours. If you have a European Itinerary the time stamp is in 24 hours format, and I am used to that for time tables. However here the American format is used, so the stamp is 4.15 PM. When I am under stress I read this as 14.15 hours. And I was under stress as the bus that I took arrived  late in Dau!! It's a kind of dyslexia, however I couldn't find a description of similar cases, so it's not officially!!

What happened was that I had just disembarked the bus to Manila in Dau bus station, near to Clark airport and had taken the airport bus, a jeepney shuttle-bus. When we left for the airport I took my papers from my suitcase, as I couldn't do it in the bus, and wanted to check the exact departure time and other details. It was 14.15 hours that time and when I read the paper I really thought that the departure time was 14.15 hours in stead of 4.15 pm, so the plane was already about to depart were my thoughts.

I got crazy and quickly decided what to do. All kind of scenario's turned around in my head, like what would my friends think of me and my spouse and is there a way to find a solution and what about the lost money. I needed to unstress and go home to contemplate and check Internet for solutions if any and to contact my friends telling them what happened

I asked the driver to stop, got out and walked back to the bus station where we just departed from. From there I waited for the bus to bring me back home, meanwhile thinking what would happen if I came back home, a Thunderstorm, believe me. I found the bus that would bring me home and waited for it to depart again.


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