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― Lucille Ball

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Philippines Passport Renewal

DFA office for Filipino passports
It's a while ago that we started the processing of my wife's Filipino passport renewal, but it took a lot to reach the target.

To be more precise we went to Manila on July 16 to visit the American WWII memorial and cemetery and next day we had a meeting at DFA, the Department of Foreign Affairs consular service  for Filipino e-passports near to Mall of Asia. I was not allowed to enter the building, only applicants are.

The first hurdle was to get a Dual Citizenship Certificate. We got a paper from DFA with all the required documents to be presented to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to get the certificate.

In two previous posts, Dual Citizenship 1 and Dual Citizenship 2, you will read what happened and the difficulties we faced and finally solved.

So when we got the Dual Citizenship Certificate from BI, we immediately went to DFA again to restart processing. Indeed she didn't need a new appointment, so it was really resuming the procedure as now she could show the certificate of Dual Citizenship.

She used the express processing and optional service to send the new passport to your home address, but as we have no house number, she decided to have the passport sent to the nearest LBC office, in Robinsons place Calasiao.

Meanwhile, after a day of 10, we collected the passport in LBC. Processing finished!!!!

Total cost are 950 pesos (15 days processing) or 1.200 pesos for express processing (7 days).

By the way, the McDonalds fast food restaurant opposite of the building at Macapagal avenue has a very good business, with so many people visiting the DFA office and escorts not being allowed to enter the area. I also used the restaurant for waiting and we had a quick meal before we left home.


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