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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Licence Plate Certificate Renewal

This month I had to renew the licence plate certificate of my motorcycle and car. I should have done my motorcycle already in January this year, but just forgot to do it.

The procedure in the Philippines is that each year your licence for the vehicle has to be renewed and of course to be payed.

LTO or Land Transportation Office is the government office where you have to go. They also do driving license exams, initial request, conversion and renewal of driving licenses. Every big city has a LTO office. LTO has also a mobile phone application, where you can ask questions on procedures, but also get details on registered vehicles.

The date for renewal depends on your licence plate's last 2 numbers. The last number is the month of expiry of the previous period and start of the new period, the second last number seems to be the week of the month, but I don't know exactly how it works, so I go just the first week of the month to be sure and avoid a fine again.

If you violate the due date you will get a fine. The fine I got for my motor-cycle was 500 pesos, it's a fixed fine, so 2 days late or 10 months late will result in the same fine.

The procedure is quite strait-forward and the same for motor-cycle and car, only the prices differ. For my bike I payed in total 896 pesos (excluding the fine) and for my car (a van) 4.194 pesos.

The following are the steps of the process:

  1. Present the papers they want to see (payment of previous period and original plate licence, the one you get when you buy your vehicle).
  2. They will copy your car's body and engine serial numbers with carbon paper on the application form.
  3. Next you go to the insurance office, to pay for a new Liability Insurance (400 pesos motor cycle and 920 pesos car (van)).
  4. Next go to the smoke test station and let them do the test and pay the fee (respectively 300 and 400 pesos).
  5. Go back to LTO, deliver all the papers and wait for your name to be called by the cashier to pay the LTO Fees (respectively 196 pesos and 2869 pesos).
  6. Go to the delivery window, where you get the stickers for the plate(s) and screen (car only) and your payment slip.
  7. Glue the stickers on the plate(s) and screen (car only).

Note 1:

the LTO fee for cars includes the MVUC (Motor Vehicle User's Charge) of 2.200 pesos, which is the main part of the LTO fee, used for road maintenance.

Note 2:

Steps 3 and 4 you can also do before you go to LTO, just bring the papers you got there.


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