“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding in Bangkok

Unfortunately I didn't join the wedding ceremonial, which was last Saturday morning, as I didn't know the time and location, it wasn't on the invitation I got and because my visit should be a surprise for them, I didn't ask for it.

It seems to be an event you should have to pass through once in your life. It's according to Thai tradition and culture, with monks, flowers and of course fantastic cloths and colors.

Anyway I was there to join the wedding buffet. Starting 19.00 hours. I prepared myself - taking a bath and changing cloths @ 17.30 hours and then took the skytrain @ 6 pm from my hotel Lilla near BTS station Phra Khanong to Nana station, close to hotel The Landmark, where the buffet would be.

The seventh floor was used for a couple of wedding parties in parallel on this special Thai day. The date was specifically chosen: 5-5-2555, according to the Thai calendar.

It was N'Lek - the bride - who saw me first and she was really surprised to see me after 3 years, while very busy organizing the reception table at the entrance of Conservatory room.

We hugged of course extensively, but then I let her do her things, there would be ample time later tonight or tomorrow to talk and gossip.

Slowly the guests arrived and some of them I regognized from 3 and 4 years ago, when I lived and worked in Bangkok, like Ben, James, Nung, Pam, Nonnie, Jhay. The latter 2 are Filipino, still working in Bangkok on my instigation. Nung and Pam are married now and have a babay of a couple of months, so does James. All worked for/with me in Bangkok or abroad, Pam and Ben in the Philippines, Nung in the Netherlands and N'Lek in the Netherlands, Germany and Bangkok, Nonnie and Jhay in the Philippines and later in Bangkok.

Finally Tom - the groom - came in and he was also happily surprised to see me after such a long time. Tom was my counter-part at the customer site. We developed a professional and private relationship those years.

As I realized later that evening, it was the decision we had taken in the Netherlands to put all Thai people who came for a training to the Netherlands in one or 2 holiday houses, near to Nijmegen and my house in Malden. Tom joined them, because he wanted to look closely what those people were doing and interface with his HQ management in the Netherlands.

So Tom and N'Lek were in the same bungalow for a couple of weeks and there they had time to develop a relationship. As a matter of fact Tom had recruited himself N'Lek as an Oracle DBA years earlier. Since they are a couple some call them Tom & Jerry.

I sat together with Tom's father and brother and niece Manon, and with some unidentified Thai friends of the family. Bibi and Bruce, who I met in Bangkok before were sitting at another table. Bibi is back to the Netherlands working as a financial controller for another company and Bruce is still working for Tom. 
The evening brought some speeches from his brother and Bruce, a native Scott and employee of Tom, but I am not sure the Thai people and family did really understand what was said. I also prepared a speech, but it didn't fit in the schedule of the evening.

The buffet was excellent, international cuisine, red and white wine, Champagne and beer. The evening, until 1.00 am was for dancing. Talking had to be postponed to the next day, as the music was too loud. Tom danced as Mick Jagger, unbelievable so much energy he had this evening.

It was really an excellent evening to see my friends again and taste the atmosphere of Thailand and Bangkok, I will be homesick again for many weeks or months to come.


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