“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, April 22, 2012

LG Quality of Service

In December last year we bought our flat-screen 55 inch TV. We choose for LG as they had a nice offer for a smart TV including a wireless media box for free.

Only two months ago I connected the TV with an Ethernet cable to our central wireless router, as this has better quality than a wireless dongle connection. So far so good, all works fine.

However, a couple of weeks ago I wanted to connect the wireless media box, but it failed to connect to the TV. The media box is a kind of concentrator for the TV, so you can connect all kind of video (+audio) sources to the box, like a video player, karaoke set, satellite set-top box, etc. The box connects wirelessly to the TV, so you can even have your equipment in another place in the room and still play all on your TV, by selecting the source on the front panel of the box.

Here begins my story. Let me tell you that I am NOT unsatisfied with my purchase and also not with the final solution, but I am amazed how the LG service organisation(s) in this area is organized, or may be they are not, and about the money they are probably wasting!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Years Retired

It's already 2 years since I was allowed to enjoy my "pre-pension". In my case it was when I was 62.5 years old.

Usually in the Netherlands your pension starts with 65 years of age, although there are not so many people who really stop working at that age, but earlier or they are job-less and don't work anyway. On the other hand there are some who like to continue working beyond 65 years.

Just yesterday I read an article about KLM pilots, who retire already when they turn 56 years old. Many of them want to continue, but by KLM policy it is not allowed.

So what does it mean "pre-pension"? Well it is simply a period of time until you turn 65, whereas the employer's pension fund is paying your (reduced) salary, until you get a state pension. Most people these days have two or even more pensions as of 65 years old.

One is a state pension, second is the employer's pension fund and some have even a third pension, e.g. from the ex partner. It's quite complicated, to be honest. By the way it doesn't mean if you have three pensions that you get a lot of money. Usually in total it's 70% or less from your latest salary.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week

Volunteering Crucifixion Philippines, photo courtesy Wikipedia

It's Holy week in the Philippines this week. It is a significant religious festival in the week before Easter (the remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ), and the most important religious festivity after Christmas, being the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is also called Semana Santa (in Spanish) or Mahal na Araw (in Filipino). For many more details see Wikipedia.

Remember that the Philippines is a nation with 90% Catholics out of almost 100 million people, the biggest Catholic community in Asia.

Many private businesses, banks and government will close for a couple of days, some even the whole week, including the next Monday.


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