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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Satellite TV

Since a couple of weeks we have satellite TV from Cignal. We have chosen one of the post paid packages, giving us 50 channels of which 7 are HD. It is working perfectly, however sometimes the satellite tuner reboots itself, if I switch to another channel.

Installation took a couple of hours, laying the cable from the dish under the roof and via a specially prepared pipe down to the living room, positioning of the satellite dish was done by a portable TV and a tuner. Signal strength was 80% which seems to be the maximum strength you can get here in the Philippines.

Previously I had my own dish and tuner, but I couldn't get a satellite signal. It was my plan to find out which free to air channels (FTA) I could find here (on satellite NS-11) and eventually to buy a smart card for pay-TV, as my satellite tuner supports these cards. The problem is that the dish was made for Europe and the elevation angle was to small. I tried already with a 30 degree elevation adapter, but even that did not work.

Finally we decided to go for a full service direct-to-home satellite TV provider. From the 3 providers in the Philippines I am aware of Cignal seemed to be the most modern provider with quite some HD channels.

I still want to try my European dish and tuner, but that is another project, maybe next year. By then I also want to try to receive BVN TV (if it is still in the air after all cost cuttings in the Netherlands), which is on a transponder of the Thai-Com 5 satellite. The position is 79 degrees East (south of India), which is quite far from the Philippines. It seems you need a dish with a diameter of 2 meters. I couldn't find yet a company in the Philippines that is offering this size.

Footprint NS-11 NE Asia beam
If you are interested in geo-stationary satellites then I would recommend this site SatBeams. There I also found the footprint of the NS-11 on the left. The satellite (NS-11) position is exposed as well, just between Kalimantan and Malaka.


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