“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Monday, March 19, 2012


Since I am emigrated to the Philippines, now almost 2 years ago, I believe I am in a position to judge what I miss from my home country and what I absolutely don't miss.

I tried to make a list of what I missed, as shown below, but I also thought about the things I absolutely don't like here, so made a list for it as well. What is not on the list I do not really miss, so the don't miss list must be very long.

And if you do make such a don't like list it is fair to make also a list of what I do like here, so I did as well, as this was a main reason to emigrate to my new citizenship country.

Here we go.

What I miss here (with a High or Low indicator to suggest a differentiation in importance) and in random order:
  1. (L) Dutch stews like Zuurkool and Boerenkool
  2. (H) Other Dutch/European food such as Erwtensoep, Spruitjes (Sprouts) and all kinds of Cheese, colt cut Meat and Bread
  3. (H) Family, especially my kids
  4. (L) a good discussion now and then
  5. (H) Privacy, because we have many staff in and around the house
  6. (L) Cabaret and some TV programs

What I dislike here in random order: (with an indicator of Irritation or Suicide)
  1. (I) Karaoke/ Videoke and other loud artificial noises (I do except noisy dogs and roosters)
  2. (I) American heritage of ceremonies (town fiesta, miss contests, wedding, blessing, turning 18/20 years old)
  3. (I) Culture of never saying no
  4. (I) Believe in ghosts and use of unqualified medical practioners (Doctor kwok-kwok)
  5. (I) Using plastic bags if the item is already packaged and all the rubbish at many places
  6. (I) No waste collection (at least in rural areas)
  7. (I) Cash Advance on the salary, wanting to borrow money and other habits to get money from you
  8. (I) People are easily being insulted without realizing that I did something wrong
  9. (I) Laziness of part of the population, especially the people who have relatives abroad taking care of them
  10. (I) If you are asking something about a product in a shop the standard answer is: xxx pesos sir, but you get no answer to your question
  11. (I) The fact that you are respected only if you show that you are more/better than other people by wearing nice clothes
  12. (I) Maintenance of property is not an issue here, just let it break down and then we will see what should or can be done 
  13. (I) The many building constructions not being completed 
  14. (I) Driving when it's dark as some vehicles have no lights at all
  15. (I) NAIA international airport Manila, the worst airport I have ever experienced
  16. (I) Checking guards at the entry of a building or parking, it's only symbolic not really guarding
  17. (I) "Me first": the only traffic rule they have here

What I do like here, in random order again:
  1. Dead/Funeral ceremony/ procedure
  2. Friendliness of the people and willingness to share with you food/drinks
  3. Family will help you, if you help your family
  4. Freedom to do what you like on your own property
  5. Easiness to get things done if you want to spent a bit more (express lane principle)
  6. If you need something special and the sales people do understand you, it can be delivered quite fast
  7. Big shopping malls
  8. I am legally not paying income tax and social security fees
  9. If you live here quietly and not interested in luxury, then life is cheap here
  10. I feel relaxed here, no stress and no hurry, tomorrow is another day


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