“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weather station - part 1

Before we left the Netherlands, I bought some electronic equipment and put it in our container to transport it to the Philippines. One of the things I bought was a weather station, the idea was to publish the data of the station on my web site or blog.

Only September 28, 2011, a couple of months after we moved into our house, I installed for the first time the weather station on a temporary pole. It was just in the aftermath of the last typhoon of 2011, and I was very interested to see the data of the rain and wind speed sensors. Unfortunately after 3 days the outdoor unit was broken, and since that time I have only data from the indoor unit.

The weather station is a WS4000 from Alecto. I believe it is a French firm. The station consists of an outdoor unit, which sends its data wireless to the indoor unit, which is basically a large screen where all data is presented and stored.

It measures the following climatological phenomena:

  • Temperature, indoor and outdoor
  • Humidity,  indoor and outdoor
  • Air pressure
  • Wind speed/gust
  • Wind direction
  • Rain fall (per hour)
The unit computes some other values, like dew point, wind chill, relative pressure and rain per month. All values can be uploaded to a computer via a USB connection.

So, I was quite disappointed that the outdoor unit was broken, hence after some time I contacted the service center in the Netherlands, and I was very happy with their service as they were willing to send me a new unit for free. Thanks Alecto!

The unit was delivered at my sister's house in the Netherlands and when she visited us with Christmas she brought the unit. A few days later I installed the outdoor unit again and until now it is still working.

Next will be to process the data and make some nice graphs, the unit can do that for you, and publish them. Ultimately I want to install an application with a web interface that will do the whole process automatically. There are already some of these systems operational in the Netherlands and UK, but here in the Philippines I am not aware of any automatic weather station, so I might be the first.


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