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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swimming Pool - Construction

Filling not completed yet
November 12, 2011 we started the construction of our swimming pool. The project was finished just before Christmas. The previous months and even the previous year I prepared the project, by making a technical design (pipes, pump, fittings) and architectural and physical design.

In 2010 I purchased the main appliances that we would need, to transport it in the container with our personal effects - see also my old blog on this subject- from Europe to the Philippines, as I didn't know where to buy this stuff in the Philippines. Meanwhile I found a company - called Amici - in Angeles City, where I eventually purchased the pool pump, which is a 3HP Pentair Water IntelliFlo VF-3050.

See also my photo album and then click on "Slideshow" in the left upper corner.

Meanwhile (2014) I did some re-constructions and expanded the pool, see my blog here, it includes also a photo album.
When I showed my asawa the design, see was not happy. It was rectangular 5 by 10 meters, as we had in our apartment in Bangkok a few years ago. She wanted a bigger and more tropical design. So finally we agreed on a peanut design 6 by 12 meters. 

A technical intermezzo follows, if you are not interested, just skip it.

A problem was  that the filter I purchased in 2010 was meant for a 5 by 10 meter pool. A 5 by 10 meter pool has a volume of roughly 75 cubic meters and a 6 by 12 meter pool is roughly 110 cubic meters. Because of the peanut shape it is in reality 96 cubic meters. 
The filter that I purchased allows for a maximum flow of 16 cubic meters per hour, so the small pool would have a filter turnaround time of 72/16 = 4.5 hours and the large pool 6 hours. In terms of electric power and daily cost quite a difference, if you use the same pump in both cases.
However, since I decided to buy the IntelliFlow pump, the problem is basically not existent as the pump will adapt itself to optimum flow and savings can be up to 90%.
A longer pump time is also better for water treatment as I found out later. More about water treatment in another blog.

The pool will be on the same level as the ground floor of our house as to prevent water from the flood mixing up with the pool water. We do have regularly (3 to 5 times a year) a flood here. It means that we have to elevate the ground around the pool to make a terrace around it. That is a project we will start end of 2012 or 2013.

The pool is constructed from concrete reinforced with steel bars (12 mm) with a maze of 12 by 12 inches. The cement is mixed with Sahara to make it water resistant. The floor is rectangular and the walls have a peanut shape. At the corners and in the middle edges, there will be soil pushing the pool downwards against the pressure of the groundwater. This has been done deliberately as it will help to prevent the pool lifted up by groundwater when it is not filled up with water.

This phenomena is a consequence of the law of Archimedes. Another precaution taken is that I made a groundwater drain with a check valve. Groundwater will automatically fill the pool, but can not leak away again because of the valve.

The pool has 2 skimmers, 2 floor drains, 2 vacuum inlets, 2 clean water outlets, 2 under water lights and an automatic refill system. Further it has 2 overflow drains and an optional connection to a children's pool.

The wall tiles are blue and floor tiles white, with 2 design elements, a Dutch and a Filipino flag, The top has wash-out coating, a kind of granite.

In another post I will explain the water treatment system installed for this pool.


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