“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Re-regionizing your HP printer

This post is meant as a warning for those who might emigrate to another region in the world, or who will move as an expatriate.

If you are planning to do so and if you have an HP printer, then be aware that HP has regionalized its printers and ink cassettes.

This means that for example my HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-one printer, which I purchased in Hong Kong in 2005, has ink cartridges 363.

If I order them here in the Philippines I get exactly the same cartridge, but number 02. When I insert the cartridge in the printer it tells me that this cartridge is not meant for this printer.

The trick is that the region code in the printer determines which cartridge number should be inserted. If you want for example that the 02 cartridge will be accepted, HP can help you to re-regionalize your printer, in my case from Hong Kong to the Philippines.

However, this printer has 5 different colored cartridges, so if I let HP re-regionalize my printer, I can trash all my still working 363 cartridges and have to replace them by 02 cartridges. Now my problem is that I ordered 2 cartridges of each color, except one, a while ago from a family member in the Netherlands. Strange enough you can buy them there. So it seems Hong Kong and Europe have the same region code and the Philippines another.

Note: the fact that I order only 4 colors in stead of 5 was my fault, I missed one when I made my order.

The solution is of course to order the missing color in Hong Kong or Netherlands and NO re-regionalization!

Another negative aspect of HP printers like the one I have is that if one cartridge is empty the printer will not become ready, but stay in a kind of maintenance mode. So if I only want to scan a paper and send it to my PC, I can't do it because the cartridge is missing. So what is the purpose of ALL-in-ONE?

If I ever have to buy another printer (and that will be far away as I have 2 HP printers) it surely will not be an HP printer. I have been informed that all the other printer brands do not have this kind of tricks.


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