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― Lucille Ball

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cabinets - Dirty Kitchen

This is an older story, as I finished this project just before I started the swimming pool. But nevertheless I want to show you how we did the cabinets for our dirty kitchen.

You might not know what a dirty kitchen is, so I help you. It is basically an outside place for cooking, originally just a roof made of bamboo and some roof sheets, cooking on charcoal, even also a place to eat. Nowadays in modern houses a dirty kitchen is more modern, just a part of the house, and cooking with gas or charcoal.

The dirty kitchen is opposed to the clean kitchen, which is a place that you would show to your friends, or use for specialty cooking by the owner and asawa, while the dirty kitchen is used by the maid.

Here is my photo album. Klick on the "Slide show" button upper left corner.

There is not much to say on making the cabinets, but the main reason is that here in the Philippines there are no dedicated kitchen shops or showrooms as we have in many western countries. There is no Ikea in the Philippines, which is very popular for their many kitchen solutions. Ikea is very popular in Europe, although you can find it also in North America and the Middle East and some countries in Asia.

It was too risky to buy a kitchen in the Netherlands and bring it here with our container. The correct sizing, design and quality (termite proof?) were reasons for not buying cabinets in advance. I am glad we didn't do it as the way they make here the kitchen counter, would not let fit the Ikea cabinets.
And we met a guy here who could make cabinets on order. But the price for the dirty kitchen was too high, so I decided to do it myself.

Unfortunately you can't buy here laminated board as we have in the Netherlands. That is too easy for making your own cabinets. The best material I found here is Plyboard (3/4"). It consists of wooden strips in a sandwich of 2 wooden plies.The surface is more smooth than Plywood, but even then not good enough for sides, shelves and doors, so you need to put patty and do quite some sanding.

Kitchen door hinges and door handles are available in all measures and designs. Even kitchen doors are available in all kind of sizes, but we don't like the design, and even then you still have to make the cabinets. Every Philippines kitchen looks the same, always the same doors.

It took me 4 weeks to do this project with some help of the 2 house boys I had and about 5000 pesos.


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