“I'd rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”
― Lucille Ball

Sunday, February 26, 2012


One of the crops being grown in this area of the Philippines is tobacco. According to Wikipedia tobacco is a plant of the genus Nicotiana. There are about 70 different tobacco plants, I don't know which one they use here and to be honest, I am not interested as I stopped smoking more than 5 years ago.

This is not fair of course, the tobacco plant can also be consumed, used as a pesticide and is used in some medicines.

But of course the plant is almost always used for cigarettes. It is a cash crop in the United States, Cuba and China. I don't believe it is a cash crop in the Philippines - at least not for the farmers - as the price of cigarettes is very low here, one of the cheapest countries for cigarettes in Asia.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Re-regionizing your HP printer

This post is meant as a warning for those who might emigrate to another region in the world, or who will move as an expatriate.

If you are planning to do so and if you have an HP printer, then be aware that HP has regionalized its printers and ink cassettes.

This means that for example my HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-one printer, which I purchased in Hong Kong in 2005, has ink cartridges 363.

If I order them here in the Philippines I get exactly the same cartridge, but number 02. When I insert the cartridge in the printer it tells me that this cartridge is not meant for this printer.

The trick is that the region code in the printer determines which cartridge number should be inserted. If you want for example that the 02 cartridge will be accepted, HP can help you to re-regionalize your printer, in my case from Hong Kong to the Philippines.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Locomotive DB 64416

The German train company "Deutsche Reichsbahn" (today called Deutsche Bundesbahn or Deutsche Bahn or DB) has developed and built steam powered locomotives since the twenties in the last century.

These series of locomotions are numbered starting with series 01 in 1925. Series number 64 was built first in 1928 until 1940. A total of 520 locomotives are built until 1945. But ten years ago, when my father built one as a model train, scale 1:11, there are now built 521 locomotives :-) of this series.

Since he passed away 2 years ago (see my blogs "Arie" and "Pa thanks for all")  just before we would emigrate to the Philippines, my mother allowed me to bring one of his locomotives to the Philippines, just as a remembrance, I have searched for some info and background on this locomotive. I want to share it with my family and other interested readers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cabinets - Dirty Kitchen

This is an older story, as I finished this project just before I started the swimming pool. But nevertheless I want to show you how we did the cabinets for our dirty kitchen.

You might not know what a dirty kitchen is, so I help you. It is basically an outside place for cooking, originally just a roof made of bamboo and some roof sheets, cooking on charcoal, even also a place to eat. Nowadays in modern houses a dirty kitchen is more modern, just a part of the house, and cooking with gas or charcoal.

The dirty kitchen is opposed to the clean kitchen, which is a place that you would show to your friends, or use for specialty cooking by the owner and asawa, while the dirty kitchen is used by the maid.

Here is my photo album. Klick on the "Slide show" button upper left corner.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swimming Pool - Construction

Filling not completed yet
November 12, 2011 we started the construction of our swimming pool. The project was finished just before Christmas. The previous months and even the previous year I prepared the project, by making a technical design (pipes, pump, fittings) and architectural and physical design.

In 2010 I purchased the main appliances that we would need, to transport it in the container with our personal effects - see also my old blog on this subject- from Europe to the Philippines, as I didn't know where to buy this stuff in the Philippines. Meanwhile I found a company - called Amici - in Angeles City, where I eventually purchased the pool pump, which is a 3HP Pentair Water IntelliFlo VF-3050.

See also my photo album and then click on "Slideshow" in the left upper corner.

Meanwhile (2014) I did some re-constructions and expanded the pool, see my blog here, it includes also a photo album.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Ever heard of "Babymaker" or "baby maker"? I've never heard of it until last Saturday, when I went to Manila airport (NAIA) to bring my wife for her flight to France.

Near to the airport we saw 2 young ladies - I guess age 15 or 16 - rocking a baby in their arms and explicitly showing to everyone passing by.

The taxi driver told us these girls are "baby makers". They fuck and deliver a baby and then sell their baby for a large amount of money especially to foreigners. You can even order a baby in advance. On the way back from the airport I saw even a guy - under 20 - also rocking a baby along the street, probably with the same purpose, to sell it!


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